SONR Tracker - Pre-order

$ 299 USD
$ 249 USD
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SONR Tracker - Pre-order

$ 299 USD
$ 249 USD
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High-performance sensors

Measure your swim data and receive real-time feedback and after-training results of maximum accuracy.

Real-time recommendations

Get instant feedback and correct your technique, increase your pace or slow down while swimming.

Music player

Diversify your workout with your favorite tracks, audiobooks, and podcasts with up to 8 GB storage, become more motivated and reach your goals easier.

Bone-conduction technology

Hear your metrics and listen to music even when your head is underwater and keep focusing on your technique.

100% waterproof

SONR Tracker has an ATM5 waterproof rating and can be submerged in water up to two meters deep for up to two hours.

Package includes:

SONR Tracker

Charging cable

Ear plugs

Shipping Weight:
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g )

Care Instructions:

1. Rinse with non-chlorinated water and wipe it after use.

2. Do not attempt to charge the device while wet.

3. Keep the device away from direct sunlight or hot places.

4. Do not press on the back side of SONR Tracker. This may damage the bone-conductor.

5. Recommended: Clean the charging pins using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.