Best gifts for competitive swimmers: Top gift ideas for swimmers

February 21, 2022

Best gifts for competitive swimmers: Top gift ideas for swimmers

People who like to swim and consider it not only as a hobby but also as a serious sport deserve to be encouraged. And great encouragement is a gift. Healthy sports are the most wonderful hobby. Parents should compliment their children for any, even minor successes in this field.

How to choose what to give to the swimmer so that it could support him or her at competitions, or just be a pleasant sign of attention? In this article, we will try to select the most pleasant gifts for someone who loves a healthy hobby and devotes a significant part of their free time to it.


The most popular gifts, in this case, are awards. You can give the swimmer medals, cups, award statuettes, as these gift souvenirs will help him feel valuable support from people who love them.

On the eve of competition or championship, the most appropriate gift may be an award medal with an individual design. Pick up an inscription that would convey words of support. Such an inexpensive from an economic point of view, but very significant from an emotional point of view, participation in this hobby will help to feel more confident. You can pick up a ready-made version with the inscription "to an outstanding athlete", "for the will to win", which will be a vivid confirmation that you are attentive to the preferences of your friend or relative.

Award statuettes are also a wonderful symbol of attention and encouragement in the hobby of swimming, which will be a perfect addition to the real medals earned at competitions. A large cup with an individual design can be presented to a swimmer after successful competitions and championships. Decorate it with a beautiful and meaningful inscription, and it will become a worthy gift in honor of the victory. It is also a good idea for swim team gifts.

Swimming goggles

Without high-quality goggles, classes in the pool are impossible. Thanks to the goggles, a swimmer can clearly distinguish everything that happens underwater - it doesn't matter if the training is in the pool or open water.

You will be able to choose truly stylish goggles from a well-known brand that will definitely please the one to whom you give them. In addition, you can buy an antifog spray so that the goggles do not fog up.


A new backpack can be a great accessory for going to the pool or for traveling. A backpack is always more convenient than a bag because the weight of the luggage is evenly distributed on the spine, leaving the hands free. A backpack is a constant companion of any athlete. The main thing is to decide for what purposes it is bought – what exactly the athlete will put in it. Measure in advance the set of items that your swimmer usually carries in a backpack and conclude the size of the accessory to buy in the end.

Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition can be given not only to beginners in sports but also to experienced athletes. This will help to develop endurance, get maximum results, and give up harmful snacks. In addition, sports nutrition is delicious!

Cosmetics against chlorine

Anti-chlorine cosmetics are an excellent gift for both female and male swimmers. It will help to cope with the obsessive smell of chlorine, restore the hair softness and get rid of tangled strands, give the skin a feeling of softness and velvety, and in addition, such cosmetics have a pleasant aroma.

No swimmer can do without anti-chlorine cosmetics: after training, it is necessary to wash off harmful chemical compounds. Choose only professional cosmetics — they are of higher quality.


Why not use one of the best gift ideas of all time - to give a book? There are special books for swimmers, namely motivating, written by professional swimmers, and inspiring for success. Among such publications, for example, the book "Michael Phelps: Beneath the surface." The famous swimmer tells about his road to success.


A wetsuit for a pool or open water is the most important item in a swimmer's equipment. It improves muscle tone, reduces the resistance of the aquatic environment, allows you to feel more comfortable in training, and achieve better results in competitions. Of course, to buy wetsuits for swimming, you need to know the exact dimensions and wishes of the person to whom the gift is intended since the price of wetsuits is quite high. Therefore, if you make a mistake, the gift will no longer be so useful. What to do? You can buy a gift certificate for the purchase of a wetsuit or swimsuit. Then the swimmer personally will be able to choose the right model.

Hand paddle

Paddles for swimming are equipment used to train your hands. Although they have not been used in competitions for a long time, they can help improve results in training. Prices vary depending on the manufacturer and the design of the product.


This equipment is used by both professionals and amateurs - for training and scuba diving. Moreover, for beginners, it is a special pleasure. 

Towels and swimming caps

Inconspicuous, but indispensable accessories for every swimmer – towels and swimming caps. On the market, you will find towels of different sizes, designs, colors from well-known sports brands - TYR, HEAD, Arena, etc. The same goes for swimming caps. They are so different, made of various materials - neoprene, rubber, fabric. Quite an appropriate gift that will always come in handy.

Breathing trainer and swimming snorkels

There are many manufacturers of this useful gadget on the market to increase the fitness of the respiratory system. If you want to make a useful gift — with the O2in breathing trainer you will get to the point.

Swimming snorkels are also a very useful tool in this regard. The frontal breathing snorkel is an integral part of the equipment for swimming. This is sports equipment that serves for breathing while swimming at the surface of the water with the face lowered into the water, which makes it possible for the athlete not to raise his head to inhale. One end of the tube is above the surface of the water, the other is in the swimmer's mouth.

Training with a breathing snorkel allows you to:

- strengthen the cardiovascular system;

- to increase the aerobic potential of the body by improving the indicator of maximum oxygen consumption — this is the largest amount of oxygen, expressed in milliliters, that a person can consume within 1 minute. It is a criterion of aerobic capacity.

- practice the technique of hand strokes with even rotation of the body when swimming front crawl;

- fix the correct position of the head and body in the water;

- practice footwork techniques, especially in butterfly style.


Several sessions of general body massage are a universal, useful, and pleasant gift. In addition, this is a high-quality recovery after sports, which means the key to good sports results. Choose a massage studio near home or training place and give a certificate to your swimmer.

Sports watches

Modern sports watches are a real must-have for those who have an active lifestyle. In addition to the fact that they are waterproof, sports watches can also track the main indicators.

If you purchase a sports watch with advanced functionality, then the swimmer will have access to analysis of workouts, sleep monitoring, counting calories and steps, counting pulse, monitoring the frequency of strokes. And besides - they look incredibly stylish.

MP3 player

This gift is amazing for those who like to train with music or just want to listen to their favorite. songs, focusing on movements in the water. In our blog, there is a very useful article- a review of the best mp3 players for swimming.

Since we are talking about gadgets and technologies for swimming, you can also consider an action camera, a stopwatch, or a metronome as a gift.


swim coach communicator SONR

There is another amazing device in the world of sports technology that will be the ideal best gift for competitive swimmers and beginners. This is a swim coach communicator SONR which is meant for real-time coaching. The SONR system consists of a receiver worn by the swimmer under a cap or on goggles and a walkie-talkie used by the coach. Training with a coach, a professional swimmer prepares for competitions, and getting immediate feedback and correction from a coach is priceless. This will save time spent on explanations. The coach will not constantly stop the swimmer to give feedback. Hearing the coach's voice, your professional swimmer will be able to immediately correct the mistakes or change the pace and exercise. For novice swimmers and children, SONR is also an ideal gift idea. The coach will be able to encourage them, motivate them, and correct mistakes. SONR receiver also has a built-in metronome. A wonderful gift for both a swimmer and a coach!

It was our TOP cool gifts for swimmers. When choosing presents always remember about the individual preferences of your friend or loved one swimmer and you will not make a mistake!

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