Best Swim Caps for Swimmers in 2021

August 13, 2021

If you are going to the pool, do not forget to bring everything you need — a swimsuit or trunks, a towel, flip-flops and, of course, a swimming cap. This element of equipment is necessary for both — owners of long hair and short haircuts.

In this article, we will analyze the types of swimming head caps and their differences. We will answer the question on how to wear it correctly and offer you the top 8 best-branded swimming caps for training and competition.

Why do you need a comfortable swim cap?

Any public swimming pool has a well-founded requirement — the presence of a headdress.

Firstly, for reasons of hygiene. Few people will like to enter the water where someone else's hair floats.

Secondly, for security reasons — to protect the ears and hair from hard chlorinated water.

And thirdly, to improve the hydrodynamic qualities of a swimmer. The better the streamlining of the head, the greater the speed can be developed.

In addition, the cap protects against hypothermia and serves as a stylish accessory.

If you choose the wrong cap, you can completely lose all the pleasure. A low-quality accessory will press, slide, gather in folds, hold the hair poorly, tear and stick.

All professionals are sure that everyone has their own best swim cap, but you should be responsible.

Types of swimming caps

The classification is based on the material used to manufacture a swimming cap. The following kinds are divided:

Silicone swim caps

The best choice for professionals and amateurs will be silicone caps of the new generation. They have a dense, pleasant texture. It is easily removed and put on without causing any harm to the hair. Their distinctive plus is hypoallergenic. They are available in different variations and colors. A wide range allows you to choose a stylish one that will fit well with a swimsuit or trunks. If you buy a silicone cap from a well-known company, you will be surprised by how well it is made. It fits perfectly to the size of the head and does not form wrinkles on the skin.

Latex swimming hat

This is the most “ancient” type. The cost is small, but the cap is thin. It is difficult to put it on, and taking it off is a long story. Unfortunately, latex caps are easily torn, spoil the hair, and can cause an allergic reaction. Previously, they were quite popular because of the lack of other options. Now they have given way to the most modern technologies — namely, silicone. Here's a comparison of latex vs silicone swim caps, and the decision is obvious.

Fabric bathing cap

It is easy to put on, does not cause any discomfort, but has a significant disadvantage — it quickly passes water, so it is not suitable for those who prefer to keep the hair away from chlorinated water. Lycra, polyamide, and other materials are mainly used in manufacturing.

Combined pool cap

They are made of two different materials — inside - fabric coating and outside - silicone. The price of such hats is slightly higher, but they are the most suitable for those people who appreciate quality and comfort and take care of their hair.

Thus, if it is important for you that the swimming cap does not pass water, choose a combined or silicone model. If it doesn't matter to you whether your hair gets wet during training or not, you can choose a fabric one.

Competitive swim caps

If you are engaged in swimming professionally, then you need to pay attention to the starting models. In these caps, their hydrodynamic properties are valuable. You will learn more about them in the section of this article about the best-rated swimming caps.

Top 8 awesome swim caps

According to the reviews of experts and buyers, the best are:

Banfei 1135

Banfei 1135. It costs $5. This combination cap combines the best qualities: polyester provides comfort and convenience, and high-quality - silicone protects from moisture. It fits snugly on the head and reduces water friction, so it will be a good companion for professional swimmers. The only negative point that the buyers found was the smell of rubber. However, it vanishes after a couple of uses.

Adidas PU CT CP 1PC

Adidas “PU CT CP 1PC” (cost ~ $20). It is made of high-quality and dense material, resistant to wear and rubbing. Suitable for those who want to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. Among the disadvantages: it does not completely cover the ears of the owners of long and thick hair. Therefore, it can not be called the best swim cap for long hair.

Arena 3D Ultra

The Arena 3D Ultra swimming cap is an excellent product for competitions from a world-famous Italian company. This cap is made using a unique technology, thanks to which there are no wrinkles on it, which significantly reduces the water resistance when swimming. For the comfort of the swimmer, there is a special cutout in the neck area. Different areas of the cap have different thicknesses for a better fit, increased hydrodynamic properties.

And here is the TOP 5:

Mad Wave D-CAP

A plain silicone cap with a large logo of the Russian brand in the center is perfect for training and competitions, especially sprints at a distance of 50-100 meters.

There is enough space on the cap to print the symbols of the sports club, the name of the swimmer, and other images if necessary.


  • A good fit without wrinkles and creases.
  • High-quality silicone.
  • D-CAP FINA Approved.
  • Affordable price.


  • No markers to align the cap and glasses.


The starting cap made of high-quality silicone is an excellent option for intensive training and responsible competitions. The model is available in several shades, with a large logo of the Italian manufacturer in the center.


  • Approved by FINA.
  • The different thickness of the material allows you to fit it more tightly.
  • You can choose exactly the right size.
  • Good hydrodynamic properties.


  • It doesn't cover your ears well enough.
  • No markers to align the cap and glasses.

TYR Wrinkle-Free Silicone Adult Swim Cap

The most budget-friendly of the starting caps is presented in the rating. Suitable for training and competitions.


  • It does not cause skin irritation and allergic reaction.
  • Comfortable, fits well, easy to put on.
  • Covers the ears, effectively protects the hair from getting wet.
  • Good quality material, durable.
  • Cheap.
  • Many colors.
  • Approved by FINA.


  • It is not suitable for long hair.
  • It has no thickening for the tightest fit.
  • There are no labels and markers for the convenience of putting on glasses and a cap.
  • A single size.

Arena 3D SOFT

An inexpensive competition cap with a thickened edge for a good fit of the material to the skin.


  • Approved by FINA.
  • 3D shape.
  • Internal coating with a sticky effect.
  • Thickened edges.
  • Improves hydrodynamics.


  • There are few colors.
  • It does not completely cover the auricles.

Speedo Fastskin3 Cap

The best hat in which you can safely go to the most serious competitions. The model was developed by a team of professional swimmers and coaches, specialists in optics, physiology, and hydrodynamics.


  • IQ Fit technology (maximum comfort, perfect fit, taking into account the anatomical features of the head).
  • There are special labels for aligning the relative position of the cap and glasses.
  • Approved by FINA.


  • High price.
  • Not suitable for long hair, the use of a cap-lining is required.

All these caps are ideal for SONR because a swim coach communicator — SONR can be placed in any part of the athlete's head.

swim coach communicator — SONR

How to wear a swimming cap correctly?

There is a simple algorithm for how you can easily and without problems put on swimming caps, even for those who are doing it for the first time. To do this, you need to insert two palms into the cap with the backside, stretch it across the width, tilt your head a little and start gradually pulling it on your head, starting from the top of the head and up to the neck. For owners of long hair, it is advisable to first make a tight bun, and only after that put on the accessory.

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