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SONR Subscription

Affordable innovation for swim clubs and teams


Bring effectiveness to your swim training without significant investments

For swimming teams and clubs, it might be expensive to buy out a certain quantity of SONRs at once spending thousands of dollars.

SONR Subscription allows starting using the high-tech device without high costs.


Simplify the process

Usually getting funding approval for the purchase of a big amount of products might be a complicated process for the coach.

With SONR Subscription your team or club can increase swim workout results easier.


Use the possibility of purchasing by installment

You can buy out your SONR anytime during the Subscription term by paying the remaining amount from the retail price.

Or extending the Subscription term until the total payment reaches the retail price of SONR Receiver.

Subscribe with just 3 steps

Fill out the Subscription form

Get a unique promo code on Subscription for your swim team or club

Place the order and get your SONR

Choose your Subscription Option

SONR Receiver Included
-month minimum commitment*
Pay Today
-month minimum commitment*
Pay Today
Best Value
-month minimum commitment*
Pay Today
*Subscription model availble only in the USA.
*By ordering you agree to the Subscription User Agreement.
Let innovation into your swim workouts

Contact us and SONR manager will reach you out

Pre-order now for an exclusive early bird price

What's In The Box

Package includes:

• SONR receiver

Goggle clip

Charging cable

Ear plugs

Instruction manual


Why SONR Subscription?

Choosing this option, you receive our SONR Receiver for the period of subscription not paying the full cost of the device. You can take the decision about the purchase of SONR Receiver only when you are sure that you really like the technology.

Do i need to pay for delivery?

Yes, when you will order your subscription we will add delivery costs for the first time payment. Other renews will be just for selected subscription.

Can I cancel by Subscription earlier?

If you purchased a 3-month subscription, you can cancel after you've made 3 payments. 
If you purchased a 6-month subscription, you can cancel after you've made 6 payments. 
If you purchased a 12-month subscription, you can cancel after you've made 6 payments.

How can I activate the warranty?

After you will receive your SONR Receiver, you should activate the warranty at the activation page

How I return the unit back?

When your Subscription period has ended, you should to send it back to our warehouse in the US: 220 east 23rd st , Suite 400 -10010

How do I manage my Subscription?

You can manage you subscriptions in your account -
Your login credentials are the same as the account you created through Subscription Model.

How can I buy my SONR Receiver from Subscription?

The full price of a SONR Receiver is $199. You can request to buy SONR Receiver by email ( and our manager will recalculate it for you and will let you know how much you have to pay or it.

Can I replace my unit in case it got damaged or lost?

If your SONR receiver got defected, you can get full replacement for free. Learn more about our warranty and replacement policy here:

For any other question please contact us directly.