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Discover maximum training efficiency with SONR

Choose your Rent package to try SONR in action

Coach your swimmers most effectivly

SONR Rent Programs allow swim coaches to rent SONR and experience the benefits of real-time communication with their swimmers during swim sessions.

Some of SONR Rent Benefits

Convenient and flexible rental terms

Coach's Radio included for free

Free shipping to the Customer

Customer support

Products Warranty

SONR is a uniquely designed wearable communicator which works on bone conduction and allows swimmers to hear the coach's instructions even underwater.

Thanks to real-time adjustments from the coach, swimmers perfect their technique faster.

SONR is used in more than 40 countries all over the world by over 1000 swim coaches.

SONR is Perfect for

1:1 Swim Sessions
Talk to your swimmer
in real-time
Group Training
Coach all swimmers at the same time
Kids Training
Make  learn-to-swim fun and Effective
Technique Drills
Minimize mistakes, and maximise results with
real-time feedback
Open Water Swim
Maintain communication  with your swimmers

Rent benefits

Our Rent Programs make SONR as available as ever. Now swim coaches can implement high-tech into swim training without big investments and fundraising. Find the right fit for your training with three packages starting at $25.
Free Coach's Radio
Free shipping
Customer support
Products Quality
Сhoose your plan

What's In The Box

Package includes:

• SONR receiver х 1

Goggle clip х 1

Charging cable х 1

Ear plugs х 1

Instruction manual х 1

Additionally for Free

• Radio transmitter х 1

Radio charger х 1

Instruction manual х 1

Most effective open water swim

This Summer discover innovative way of swim coaching in Open Water.
Distance is no longer an obstacle because SONR allows you to talk to your swimmers in real-time.
Provide instructions, corrections and feedback standing on the shore, watch your swimmers progress faster.

Up to 300 m
Up to 1 m
Unsinkable &

Choose Your Plan


Willing to increase swim training efficiency? Boost swim training within 3 months.

- Free Delivery to you

- Free Delivery when Return

- Radio Included

- Accessories included

- Intensive for swim sessions.

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Best Value

Ready to change the way of coaching? Bring innovation for continuous progress

- Free Delivery to you

- Free Delivery when Return

- Radio Included

- Accessories included

- Game-changing coaching approach

Pay Today

Not sure that SONR fits your training?

Try it out for a month.

- Free Delivery to you

- Radio Included

- Accessories included

- Great opportunity to test

Pay Today
*Rent Program available only in the USA.
*By ordering you agree to the Rent User Agreement.

How It Works

4 Simple Steps to Get Started

Select Your Rent Plan
Choose a rental plan that works best for you.

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One of the best things about SONR Rent Program is that we offer free delivery to customers. The Delivery within the USA takes from 5 to 10 days.
*Please note that the 1-month SONR Rent program implies the condition that  the delivery back is paid by the customer.

Get Your SONR
Once you've selected your rental plan, we'll ship your SONR devices. Each set comes with all the equipment you need including a Radio transmitter.

Receive Your SONR
Get your SONR with Free Delivery.

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Enjoy Swim Training
Make your swim sessions the most effective.

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Product Return
Simply send the devices back to us.

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Renting for a Group?

Perfect for Group Coaching as unlimited number of SONRs can be connected to a single Radio.

Fill out the Form specifying the quantity of Products and we'll get in touch shortly.

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See SONR in action:
Watch our video review to see how SONR is transforming the swim training experience with its innovative technology

From Rent to Own

If you enjoy using your rented SONR set, you have the option to purchase it by paying the difference between the retail price and the amount you have already paid for the rental.

Contact our support team to learn more.

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Why SONR Rent Program?

Choosing SONR Rent Program, you receive a SONR set for the selected period of rent not paying the full price of products. With SONR Rent Program you pay the rental price only for the Receiver getting a Radio for free for your rental period. You can take the decision about purchasing SONR Set when you are sure that you really like the technology.

Do I need to pay for delivery?

The delivery of products to the Customers is free. If the selected rental option is the 1-month SONR Rent Program, the customer is responsible for shipping the products back at their own expense. For Customers who choose the 3-month or 6-month Rental Plan, the delivery back is covered by SONR.

Can I cancel my Rent Program earlier?

SONR does not offer the option to cancel your Rent Program earlier than the agreed rental period. SONR Rent Programs are based on short-term periods. Please review our Rental Terms and Conditions carefully before choosing your plan.

How I return the unit back?

When your Rent period has ended, you should send products back to SONR Inc. Contact our Support Department for instructions on

How do I manage my Rent Program?

You can manage your Rent Program in your account. After making a purchase, you will receive an email from Monto with a link to your account. Alternatively, you can access your account directly using the link:
Your login credentials are the same as the account you created through Rent Program.

How can I buy my SONR from Rent Program?

The retail price of a SONR Receiver Only is $199 and Radio Transmitter Only is $49. You can request to buy the products by email ( and our manager will recalculate the price for you taking into consideration the amount you have already paid for the rental.

Can I replace my unit?

If your SONR Receiver or Radio Transmitter got defected, you can get full replacement for free. Learn more about our Replacement policy here:

For any other question please contact us directly.