Frequently Asked Questions

Is SONR safe to use?

As SONR works on bone conduction technology, it is safe to use by kids and adults. Bone conduction is simply hearing sound through vibrations in the jawbone and skull.SONR is a wearable receiver that does not emit anything.

In what types of water SONR Receiver can be used?

SONR Receiver can be used in any water. It doesn’t matter if it is open, chlorinated, or salty. We recommend rinsing it in fresh water after the training and wiping down the receiver device with a towel after use.

For how long can I use SONR?

SONR Receiver works up to 1.5 hours in constant talking mode and up to 3.5 hours of mixed usage.
Radio Transmitter works up to 5.5 hours (mixed-use) and up to 5 days (stand-by time).

How many swimmers can be connected to one radio?

The coach can train an unlimited number of swimmers at the same time using one radio transmitter. Thanks to 6 channels on the radio, the coach can provide instructions and corrections to the whole team, to some swimmers privately, or divide the team into smaller groups. 

How many coaches can use SONR communication system in the same pool?

Up to 5 coaches can use SONR communication system in the same pool at the same time.

Is SONR sand proof, dustproof and waterproof?

Yes, SONR Receiver is a sand proof, dustproof, and waterproof device. IP68 standard makes SONR 100% waterproof.

How to wear SONR?

SONR can be placed anywhere on the swimmer’s head - under the swimming cap or on the goggles using a special included clip. Thanks to its sleek and lightweight design SONR looks great on a swimmer’s head. After just a few minutes of training, the swimmer forgets about the presence of SONR staying in direct contact with the coach fully focused on the training.

Tell me more about bone conduction.

We hear sound in two ways: through air conduction and through bone conduction.Air conduction is how we hear most of the time. Our eardrums convert sound waves into vibrations sending them to the cochlear —  hence AIR conduction.  Bone conduction, on the other hand, is when those sound waves travel through bones in our jaw and skull. They end up in exactly the same place — the cochlear —  but bypass the eardrum entirely.

Is SONR a headset?

No, SONR is a small disc-shaped receiver. It works with a Radio Transmitter.

Is it suitable for all watersports?

Yes. You can use it in, on and under the water.

For any other question please contact us directly.

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