Frequently Asked Questions

Is SONR safe for kids?

Yes, SONR is absolutely safe for kids. The case is made from eco materials. SONR is safe to wear because of bone conduction technology. The receiver emits nothing. Bone conduction is simply hearing sound through vibrations in the jawbone and skull.

Can SONR be used by several swimmers?

SONR can be used by several swimmers because of its antibacterial coating.

Can I use SONR in open water? What about chlorinated or salty water?

SONR can be used in any water. Doesn’t matter if it is open, chlorinated or salty. We recommend to rinse it in fresh water after the training.

For how long can I use SONR?

SONR can be used up to 3 hours without charging.

How many swimmers using SONR can be trained at the same time?

The coach can train unlimited number of swimmers at the same time using one portable transmitter. The radio waves connect several SONR receivers to one transmitter. 

Can I use SONR with my own walkie-talkie?

Our device uses radio waves to set up communication through the antenna. It receives the waves and transmits the sound. So it can be used with any portable transmitter.

How many SONR receivers can be used simultaneously at the same pool?

There are no limits.

Is SONR sand-proof?

Yes. You can use it on the beach. But we don’t recommend to misuse it.

Where can SONR be placed?

Under swimmer's cap, goggles strap or headband.

Is SONR waterproof and dustproof?

IP68 rating makes SONR totally waterproof and dustproof.

Is bone conduction safe?

Yes. It is safe. We hear things this way quite naturally.

Tell me more about bone conduction.

We hear sound in two ways: through air conduction and through bone conduction.Air conduction is how we hear most of the time. Our eardrums convert sound waves into vibrations sending them to the cochlear —  hence AIR conduction.  Bone conduction, on the other hand, is when those sound waves travel through bones in our jaw and skull. They end up in exactly the same place — the cochlear —  but bypass the eardrum entirely.

Is SONR a headset?

No, SONR is a small disc-shaped receiver. It works with a walkie-talkie.

Can I use SONR with a swim cap? Goggles?

Yes, SONR can be placed under swimmer's cap. It also can be fixed on the goggles strap as well as under a headband.

Is it suitable for all watersports?

Yes. You can use it in, on and under the water.

For any other question please contact us directly.

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