5 Best Ways to Improve Swimming Endurance

November 24, 2023

How to swim without getting tired is a question that concerns many athletes. Swimming endurance plays an important role in achieving success in swimming. It allows a swimmer to cover long distances while maintaining efficiency and high speed in the water. In this text, we will tackle how to improve swimming endurance and will take a look at several ways that will help you advance and attain your athletic goals.

Black Friday – Super Deals Await Your Success!

November 13, 2023

We're just days away from one of November's most exciting events: Black Friday. By now, many of you have likely created a wish list filled with the most desired things for the start of the Christmas sale season. While we eagerly anticipate Black Friday, we would like to introduce you to something essential for all swimming enthusiasts: the SONR Communicator and SONR Music Player.

Halloween Treats at SONR: Watch out for Terrifying Discounts!

October 13, 2023

It's Friday 13th...Who says it has to be unlucky? This is the perfect time to turn superstition on its head with spine-chilling discounts!

Best 1-hour swim workouts for every kind of swimmers

September 4, 2023

Visiting the pool offers the opportunity to either leisurely swim back and forth or challenge yourself with intense 1 hour swim sets for cardiovascular exercise. While developing a structured program with a trainer is recommended, but you don't currently have the means to hire a coach, try the sets that we suggest to your attention.

Best swim workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers

August 30, 2023

Creating a comprehensive swimming strategy is crucial for participants of all levels, starting with novices to experienced competitors. For beginners, initiating with foundational techniques is key. Concentrate on flutter kicks, control of breath and floating. But what is a good swimming workout?

Swimming exercises plans ideas from beginner to advanced swimmers

July 25, 2023

Get ready to make a splash and achieve your fitness goals with this refreshing and effective swimming plan!

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