Black Friday – Super Deals Await Your Success!

November 13, 2023

We're just days away from one of November's most exciting events: Black Friday. By now, many of you have likely created a wish list filled with the most desired things for the start of the Christmas sale season. While we eagerly anticipate Black Friday, we would like to introduce you to something essential for all swimming enthusiasts: the SONR Communicator and SONR Music Player.

When is a Good Time to Buy

The first Friday following Thanksgiving is what we call Black Friday, marking the beginning of the Christmas sale season. This tradition began in the 19th century, aligning with the beginning of the Christmas preparation season. Sellers saw this as a unique opportunity to sell off most of their goods by offering discounted prices. Shoppers eagerly lined up to purchase items that had lingered on store shelves throughout the year, but were not sold because of high prices.

Usually, Black Friday falls between November 23 and November 29. People prepare in advance for this day and line up at stores. With the advent of technology and the internet, you no longer need to queue in-store alongside other eager shoppers. All you have to do is visit the store's or the manufacturer's website. Check product availability and discounts, and place your order without the hassle of in-person shopping.

The Best Black Friday Shopping

This Black Friday, everyone will find items to their liking and can probably buy them inexpensively. For all passionate about swimming, the best Black Friday purchase for each is SONR products. We especially recommend you pay attention to our SONR Communicator and SONR Music, specially designed for swimmers. These products will enhance your workouts, providing greater comfort and productivity whether you swim in a pool or open water. Plus, they'll be available at a great discount on Black Friday!

About SONR Communicator

SONR is the unique communicator for coaches and their swimmers, designed to connect them during practice. Up until now, coaches have had to shout to instruct their swimmers across the pool. With SONR, whatever the coach needs to convey can be spoken to the communicator, ensuring that swimmers can hear every word, even while swimming underwater. The coaches will not have to shout and lose their voices anymore.

Purchasing a set of communicators at an excellent discount will provide significant benefits, enabling an unlimited number of swimmers to hear the coach's instructions in real-time. Isn’t this what every coach has been dreaming about? 

About SONR Music

Swim workouts can become repetitive and boring, with the same exercises repeated over and over again. However, when you swim to your favourite tracks, it becomes an entirely different experience. The challenge lies in finding a player that can perform underwater. This is where SONR Music comes in — a player specially designed and created for swimmers.

This Black Friday, we provide the best deals, since we want every swimming enthusiast to enjoy their workouts to the fullest. SONR Music transforms boring lap swimming into an energising and motivating experience, helping swimmers stay focused, energised, and ready to power through their routine with ease.

Don't Miss Out on Enjoyable Discounts for Black Friday!

Don't miss your chance to become the proud owner of SONR sets – now they are available at 20% OFF. For bulk purchases, there is no better time for purchase than Black Friday! Hurry up to buy SONR with the best deal of the year - contact us and request from 25 to 50% OFF on your bulk order depending on the quantity of units!

Those interested in SONR Music are also in for a nice surprise – a 40% discount on this gadget! 

Make the most of these holiday offers and turn your swimming wishes into successful achievements.

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