Warranty Policy


1. General information


1.1. SONR Inc is not responsible for any additional/extended warranty offers from any other retailer. 

1.2. Used items purchased or purchases made with non-official SONR dealers are not warranted. 

1.3. SONR Inc requires proof of purchase for any warranty claim.


For all warranty cases, please contact our support team to process your request:  info@sonr.pro.


1.4. The warranty is valid only in case of full compliance with the rules of use stated in SONR instruction manual. Please, read the instruction manual and use SONR receiver and radio transmitter in accordance with it.

1.5. The warranty does not cover:

●  Normal wear and tear such as scratches or abrasions;

●  Defects caused by rough handling, improper care, negligence, dropping, hitting, and crushing of the product;

●  Damage caused by unauthorized repair or self-repairs;

●  Damages that are not defects related to materials or manufacturing process.

1.6. You agree that from time to time we may change the warranty policy without notice you.

2. Warranty Conditions


2.1. SONR Inc provides a warranty on the products for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery.

2.2. The warranty is activated automatically from the date of delivery.  

2.3.  If the warranty case is confirmed, SONR Inc offers a replacement of the defective device.


3. Replacement procedure

3.1. Please send the warranty request by email.

3.2. SONR Inc has a right to request photos of the device and related accessories. 

3.3. SONR team has a right to offer a video call with a support specialist to diagnose the products.

3.4. SONR Inc will request to return the defective device by sending the return address and making a refund for this shipment.

3.5. SONR Inc will make a replacement and ship it at its own expense.


*  The device sent as a replacement is sent without accessories.



 By SONR Inc.

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