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Who we are
Real-time coaching

We are a company with strong ideas, hearts full of passion for sports, and a persistent spirit. These things are pushing us toward our dream - the creation of unique products that will encourage people to love water sports even more.

Our Story
Real-time coaching

Dmitri Voloshin is the founder of SONR Inc, an entrepreneur from Eastern Europe, and more than a passionate athlete. Dmitri crossed the Bosphorus, became a national freediving champion, participated in the OceanMan swimming ultramarathon, crossed the Strait of Gibraltar, and in July 2014, won the title of IRONMAN in Zurich.

In 2012 Dmitri decided to become an IRONMAN. The preparations for this competition must be very serious. Dmitri was preparing for a swim part by working out with a coach in the pool. During the training, the coach used to shout at the top of his lungs: “Elbow! Watch your elbow! Elbow higher! Don’t reinforce your mistakes!” As Dmitri swam all he could hear were only fragments of sentences. The noise in the pool and the constant immersion of the head underwater made it difficult to hear the coach's voice. And an idea came to Dmitri’s mind: “It would be great if the coach would have a walkie-talkie, and I would have a device that would allow me to hear the coach's voice even underwater, adjust my technique right away.

Everything always starts with an idea, but we turned it into reality. This is how SONR Coach was created. It was created to overcome the main obstacle in swim coaching - the difficulty in real-time communication from the coach to the swimmer.

Until today, the coach was forced to shout, make signs, or wait for the swimmer to finish the lap and only then correct the mistakes. This leads to precious training time being wasted on waiting and repeated mistakes making the training process substantially less efficient. Now thanks to SONR Coach, swim coaches can communicate with  swimmers in real time, loud and clear.

Dmitri Voloshin founded a start-up project named SONR which was developed by a team of engineers and Product Managers in the Republic of Moldova. The company SONR Inc was established in the United States after getting an investment from STARTA Accelerator for concept development.

SONR Team continues to develop new products. SONR Music player is one of them.

SONR Music player was created to give swimmers the possibility to listen to songs, audiobooks, and podcasts underwater. Thanks to this, athletes can forget about boring swimming laps, feel more motivated and energized, stay focused at every stroke with the rhythms of their favorite music, and enjoy swimming much more!

Our team believes that there is no such word as “impossible”. There is only the whole unexplored world full of brilliant ideas that one day can become real as SONR did.


To bring a long-waited innovation into the swimming world and help to overcome the main obstacles on the way to the most effective training.


Product quality and customer focus are our main priorities. Passion for what we do, teamwork, creativity, and inventiveness help us to develop products that can change the water sports world.


To raise the training efficiency to the next level and make everyday training easy and simple for coaches and athletes.

Our Team

Dmitri Voloshin

Tatiana Cotliuba

Serghei Logvinenco

Product Manager
Natalie Melnitchi

Product Manager
Cristina Michitiuc

Product Manager
Cornelia Ursachi

Product Manager
Georgiana Timcu

Product Manager
Eduard Druta

Product Manager
Artiom Cotliuba

Production Manager
Alexandru Beschier

Julia Sokirko

Logistics Manager
Ecaterina Saraeva

Sales Manager
Alexander Valuta

Industrial Designer
Roman Naghirneac

Hardware Engineer
Eugen Jomir

Software Engineer
Alexandr Balan

Software Engineer
Alexey Stolyarov

Manufacturing & Warehouses

We are constantly working on the improvement of the hardware and software of our products, performing examinations and tests such as waterproofness tests, crash tests, and others, to make sure that our Customers will use the durable and qualitative product. Each stage of production is strictly controlled by high-qualified specialists. The Company has a stable delivery network that allows product shipping worldwide. We cooperate with numerous carriers which gives the opportunity of express and standard delivery. We keep developing our services and products so that SONR Users would always get the best.

" The world is full of brilliant ideas that one day can become real as SONR did."