A new review about SONR

April 29, 2021

We are very interested in your impressions regarding SONR. Your opinion is the most valuable experience that we will always take into account to make our device better.

For today we have a new review, that for sure counts a lot!

Dmitry Korotash - a swimming coach at a children's sports school had a possibility to test SONR. Here is what he thinks about this experience:

"SONR is a wonderful device for personal training. And I’m very proud of this technology in our sport. It certainly improves the outcome. We are in a severe shortage of training time and communication with the coach. This device enables the coach to fix the athlete’s technique in real-time. The trainer can forget to say anything while the athlete is swimming to him. Or an athlete can forget as he did then. This problem is solved if you use SONR. I liked the implementation. The device is very convenient for swimmers because it is not in the ear area."

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