As you name the boat, so shall it float.

March 6, 2020

While our engineers were actively working on the next prototypes and thinking of how to improve our device, the creative part of our team was faced with the main dilemma: how to name this small magic thing?

One might wonder, what could be easier? Water, waves, sound and something else. Done!

There were different options. We were delighted by some of them, some made us laugh at how silly they sounded, while others baffled us.

Moreover, we needed not only to come up with an original name, but also find a free domain for this. Yeah. Nowadays, you need to think a few steps ahead. After all, what you consider to be unique has definitely been on the internet for a long time.

Among the first names that tickled our creative minds were Aqwox, Amphiber, Balena, Whalke and Swonar.

We started with Aqwox. The name stands for Aqua and Vox (water and voice). Out of sheer joy we bought a domain and went to celebrate our genius.

If only everything was so easy.

All names that have been chosen were unique for the boundlessness of the Internet but were unpleasant by ear and hard to pronounce. As it turned out we had to think about this too.

In the end we decided that Swonar captures the attention. The combination of swim and sonar is quite logical for the description of our device. But! It sounded very strange and the decision to reduce it to the usual Sonar was lightning fast.

We had to figure out what to do with the originality. Sonar is a very popular word on internet and since less is more we have reduced the name to Sonr. The beauty of it is that the word Sonar without the letter “a” is read as well as with it. Voila!

We register the company and the job is done. Drum rooooooooooll.

Please welcome: Sonr Inc.

The boat is ready. All hands on deck, sway the sail, ahead full speed!

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