Benefits of surfing: Mental and Physical Advantages

November 26, 2021

The eternal desire of humanity to win, to become stronger has created such a stunningly beautiful sport as surfing. What could be more fascinating than huge waves with issing foam that are rushing rapidly to the shore? And in the center of this simultaneously insane and harmonious element are humans, seemingly insignificant compared to the splendor of the water but they gracefully and defiantly conquer the wave and come out victorious. These are incomparable emotions. Having decided to learn surfing once, a person returns again and again to feel the positive, the gentle sun rays and the sea breeze.

Surfing workouts change the state of mind and physical condition. This is a sport for everyone. Surfing has never been a purely male sport, and today more and more women choose to ride a surfboard not only for pleasure, but they also participate in competitions and take prizes.

One of the most famous conquerors of the waves is Maya Gabeira. This brave woman has proved to the whole world that it is possible to handle any wave, even with a 14-meter giant. Her courage and bravery amaze millions of people. So what is the purpose of surfing? It is not just any sport, it's an inspiration, an expression of will, and a postulate of freedom.

Of course, surfing is also attractive because it improves health, and surfer body type is the dream of many. The back is strengthened, the posture is straightened, the spine is stretched, blood circulation improves.

Going surfing, a person is constantly on the move. The work and exercise include the activity of all muscles. The energy consumption is so great that fatigue and drowsiness attack you right after the classes, but this is good because the emotional uplift is so high that the vitality increases and pushes a person to excellent achievements.

There is a strong aspiration to move, to keep yourself in perfect athletic shape.

It turns out that surfing is very useful for the heart and lungs. This is the best natural simulator to gently and evenly train and improve the work of these vital organs.

When surfers lie on a board and swim through the turquoise waves of the ocean, they experience excitement, passion, adrenaline. But even at this moment, they, without noticing it, strengthen the back, spinal column, abs, and posture. Also, during rowing, the upper shoulder girdle is strengthened, the abdomen is tightened, the muscles of the arms are developed — biceps and especially triceps — the most problematic parts of women's arms.

The muscles of the buttocks are also tightened, and the ankle is actively working, which is wonderful for women who abuse high-heeled or narrow shoes. If wearing high-heeled shoes can lead to a problem of vein dilation, then surfing is an excellent prevention against this disease. When surfing, the foot stretches and painlessly returns to its healthy position, blood circulation in the legs is also restored.

At the very beginning of training, we have to move a lot in shallow water, jump on the board, turn around and row. During such good workouts, we strengthen the knee and hip joints without overloading them, which is important for people with knee problems.

Sea and ocean water is a real benefit for the skin, and you also sunbathe, and your body gets the right amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is a serious problem that almost all residents of megalopolises face, and it can lead to undesirable health-related consequences. Therefore, surfing is a must-have, a necessity. Surfing requires your body to stretch and row at the same time. It involves muscles that are not working in everyday life. In surfing, there is a load on the whole body in an integrated way, which you will not be able to achieve in any gym. And most importantly, it's fun, beautiful, and exciting.

8 main benefits of surfing

Strengthening the heart muscle

Surfing is a useful cardio workout, as it implies high-intensity physical activity. During training, the heart rate increases, the bloodstream becomes faster, and delivers more oxygen molecules to the heart tissues. A healthy and trained cardiovascular system is an increase in endurance and performance.

Getting rid of stress

Classes allow you to completely abstract from stress, teach you to relax and enjoy the current atmosphere. One glance at the ocean is enough to forget about all the problems, and in the process of conquering the wave, not a single extraneous thought remains in the head.

Gaining plasticity and endurance

Surfing forces all muscle groups to work, a large load falls on the muscles of the chest and back, shoulder girdle, and legs. With regular classes, the body begins to transform, to acquire muscle relief. According to the type of loads, surfing can be compared with functional training, since it combines strength and cardio loads, exercises for flexibility, and mobility.

Finding Harmony

This is part of the special philosophy of surfers, they are confident that they can control absolutely all life circumstances, so they show unshakable calm in any situation.

A chance to discover yourself

Surfing is not just about finding yourself. It helps to form a positive attitude to life and awareness of everything that is happening around them, which makes it easier for people to decide what they really want in their lives.

The desire to travel

The main purpose of surfers' travels is to open new zones with magnificent waves, but at the same time they immerse themselves in the culture and national traditions of other countries, and communication with people with different mentalities expands the boundaries of consciousness and thinking.

The wish to make this world a better place

Surfing brings you closer to nature, makes you think about how fragile the world around us is. A surfer thinks about the consequences for the environment. Many surfers decide to stop using plastic bags. Many of them begin to save water, guard the environment.

This is a way to find the right values in life, learn to confront your fears, and find your place in life.

The Source of Youth

The ocean holds so many secrets that people know more about neighboring planets. Water is a source of energy activation. That's why surfers look great, and it's often very difficult to guess how old they are because they look younger. They ride the waves perfectly even if they are 70 or 80 years old.

As we can see, the health benefits of surfing are not only about physical shape. There is also a spiritual impact. High levels of stress harm our mental health. Physical exercises, especially fun ones like surfing, help to remove the negative effects of stress. Surfing will help you stay forever young at heart. So, why is surfing good for you? It gives you freedom, the desire to find the right place, the gift of love, and the ability to care about nature and loved ones. Isn't it the aim of human life?

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