Best 1-hour swim workouts for every kind of swimmers

September 4, 2023

Visiting the pool offers the opportunity to either leisurely swim back and forth or challenge yourself with intense 1 hour swim sets for cardiovascular exercise. While developing a structured program with a trainer is recommended, but you don't currently have the means to hire a coach, try the sets that we suggest to your attention.

One-hour swim workouts for beginners

We have a straightforward training regimen tailored for novice swimmers, designed to assist you in enhancing your physical condition and, as a consequence, your state of mind. As previously mentioned, in achieving our difficult goal, attending the pool only twice a week and closely monitoring the technique of the program is not enough. Yes, that’s right, a poorly performed exercise, even though 1 hour swim workout, is the same as an unperformed one.

To avoid problems in technical execution, be patient - start with slow rhythms, controlling and realizing every movement. This helps a lot, especially if you realize that your arms and legs are getting tangled, it is better to stop and, from where you stopped, start again the 1 hour of swimming correctly. The initial slow rhythm will allow you to independently control the correctness of the drills when learning them, avoid mistakes and don’t push too hard.

Variation #1

- Engage in a 5-minute swim, pausing for 15 to 30 seconds at each end of the pool.

- Do the leg kick for five minutes using a kickboard.

- Perform the sequence thrice to achieve a comprehensive cardiovascular and full-body workout.3 times for a cardio and full body workout.

Variation #2

- Complete a single lap, covering the distance to the pool's end and back.

- Go for another lap with a board.

- Do one more lap with a buoy located between your legs.

- Repeat for a duration of 15 to 20 minutes in order to engage both your upper and lower body muscles.

Variation #3

- Cover the entire pool length.

- Swiftly navigate through the water to return to the initial starting point (consider using waist floats if the water depth requires it).

- Keep doing this several times for 15-20 minutes.

One-hour swim workouts for intermediate

These exercises are designed for those with a little experience in this type of physical activity, with adequate training for this level and with a good technique. The starting slow rhythm will enable you to manage the accuracy of the 1 hour swim workouts by your own while learning them. Also, you’ll be able to avoid mistakes and to not push too hard.

Set #1

Begin with a warm-up lasting 5-10 minutes. Swim leisurely, opting for either the butterfly or crawl stroke, pay attention to your breathing and calculate forces for 1 hour swim set.

Arm work for 5 min. Attempt to minimize leg movement, focusing the primary effort on your shoulders and arms. This exercise is particularly beneficial for strengthening the muscles of the chest.

Alternate between swimming styles for a duration of 10 minutes. Execute multiple swims along the course, using crawl at one end and breaststroke at the other, and so on. You also have the option to vary your pace.

Do vertical swimming for a period of 10 minutes. Utilize a board to support your upper body, allowing you to swim using only your legs. Save your strength for 1 hour masters swim workout you are actually performing a part of.

Speed-enhancing activity lasting 10 minutes. Strive to optimize your movement speed while maintaining a comfortable pace.

Engage in a 15-minute cooldown. Swim using the freestyle technique, gradually reducing your pace. Optionally, you can also incorporate some aqua aerobics movements, like water-based stepping exercises. As per total you’ll have 1 hour swimming over your shoulders.

Set #2

8 x 25m freestyle warm up

4 x 25m Backstroke - rest 30 seconds

4 x 25m Backstroke - rest 30 seconds

4 x 25m Backstroke - rest 30 seconds

4 x 25 m Backstroke - rest 30 seconds

4 x 25 m Backstroke - rest 30 seconds

2 x 25 m Backstroke. The same for Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Crawl. Rest for 30 seconds. Perform with slow, measured movements, keeping in mind you’ll be going to swim 1 hour.

8 x 25 m Plank in hands, legs work crawl - rest 30 seconds

4 x 25 m Crawl on your back, row with both hands at the same time

4-6 x 25 m cool down, free style, trying to change it constantly. You can use a board or short fins.

One-hour swim workouts for advanced

The average recommended training plan for beginners can consist of three workouts per week. The duration of each is either forty-five minutes or an hour. At the advanced level, they are usually engaged in the development of endurance, strength and speed qualities. Let's take a look at some possible swim workouts 1 hour routines for athletes at this level.

Variation #1

1. Begin with a warm-up of 5 minutes. Gently swim back and forth across the lane once or twice to slightly prepare your muscles.

2. Swim using the freestyle technique for a duration of 5 minutes. Cover a distance of 150-200 meters in your preferred style, whether it's the crawl, breaststroke, or butterfly, or you can switch between them. Be cautious not to exhaust yourself since you'll be swimming 1 hour. Steadily enhance your speed over time.

3. Engage in a 10-minute session of vertical swimming. Experiment with using just your legs to propel yourself, while your upper body remains supported by the board.

4. Backstroke lasting 5-10 minutes. Complete a few laps around the pool, maintaining a comfortable and unhurried pace.

5. Go on at varying speeds for about 15 min. Keeping in mind that you are actually performing 1 hour swim, you can opt for any stroke. Swim quickly for half of the lane's length, and then switch to a slower pace for the remaining half.

6. Cooling down for approximately 10-15 minutes. Swim at a leisurely pace using any stroke of your preference. After concluding the workout and leaving the water, perform a few stretches to conclude the session.

Variation #2

1. Begin with a warm-up that includes two sets of 100-meter freestyle swims, focusing particularly on refining your arm strokes. Rest up to 1 minute between approaches. You can go on and perform 1 hour freestyle swim workout if you don’t mind monotony. But we stand for diversity, so, let’s move on.

2. Main distance of 2x200 meters freestyle. The first approach is performed at a moderate pace, the second - at a high tempo. Rest between approaches should be up to 2 minutes.

3. Perform six sets of 25-meter swims using your legs while optionally utilizing flippers. Keep the pace high, but keep in mind that when you’re swimming 1 hour distance is less important. Don’t forget to rest between approaches up to 30 seconds.

4. Perform any style 400 meters at a moderate speed without stopping. Break time between exercises is minimal.

5. Cover the entire distance of 200 meters using only your legs and a board, slow down on speed without stopping.

6. Going 200 meters of swimming strokes. In the initial 100 meters, breathe every 3 strokes, while in the latter half of the distance, switch to breathing every 5 strokes. Paddles are employed to facilitate performance.

7. Recovering – 100 meters freestyle going slowly.

Useful Tips

To enhance both stamina and physical power swimming for 1 hour, use equipment that increases water resistance, like fins and paddles.

If the chance to utilize earplugs, a cap, and goggles during your training presents itself, make sure not to overlook this valuable opportunity.

Do not eat immediately before training and avoid consuming large amounts of water. Sometimes it causes discomfort and even nausea.

If the purpose of the exercise is weight loss, perform swimming for 1 hour a day, completed by cardio exercises on the shore and try to walk as many meters as possible in the pool without stopping. It is not necessary to keep a fast pace.

To avoid freezing in the pool, try to rest by changing your pace and style, for example, by rolling over onto your back, but do not stop and rest at the edge.

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