The best swimming exercises for every fitness level

June 18, 2021

Everyone has heard about the benefits of swimming in the pool. In the water, you can quickly and effectively pump all the muscles with minimal risk of injury. It improves breathing, develops endurance, and strengthens the immune system. We have prepared the best swimming exercises for you, suitable for each stage of your workout.

A good workout consists of 3 parts that answer the question of why swimming is the best exercise itself:

  1. Before you start working on your technique and endurance, you need to warm up and perform cardio exercises to stimulate blood circulation.
  2. Training with exercises for practicing swimming techniques.
  3. Exercises for the development of endurance.

Warm up the joints and muscles

The purpose is to warm up the joints and muscles. Focus on the amplitude of your movements and swim:

  1. 50 m crawl
  2. 25 m back crawl
  3. 25 m breaststroke

Do a few repetitions at your own pace. Recovery — 1 minute.

CARDIO EXERCISES are performed to increase your heart rate and prepare it for subsequent loads.

This exercise is perfect for gentle heart training:

  1. 25 m crawl (fast pace)
  2. Recovery — 30 sec.
  3. 50 m crawl (fast pace)
  4. Recovery — 30 sec.
  5. 25 m crawl (fast pace)
  6. Recovery — 30 sec.

Practicing swimming techniques

This is the main stage that heals the body, helps to lose weight. The following exercises can be called not only the best exercises to improve swimming but the best swimming exercises to lose weight too.

Both hands are pressed down

The legs here need to work intensively so that they do not start to sink. Take breaths to the side — to the right and the left, due to the body rotation.

A big plus of this task — you can get rid of the habit of leaning on the water while inhaling.

Alternate strokes with the board

Take the board and start swimming with your head down, working with your feet.

As you move, start doing alternate strokes:

the hand makes a stroke, returns to the board, then the stroke is made with the other hand. During this exercise, train your breathing to the side.

Use a hand paddle or pull buoy

This is one of the best exercises to train a strong stroke.

Put on the hand paddle, a pull buoy. Swim only at the expense of the hands, the legs are inactive. Depending on the level of physical fitness, swim 50-400 meters (but if you are a beginner — do not overload your shoulders!).

Swimming on the side

Swim the pool on your side by working your legs, with one arm extended forward and the other pressed against your body. When you swim back, change your side. You can also do a shift right along the course — for example, every six kicks.

After such swimming exercises, the question “Is swimming the best exercise to lose weight fast?” can be considered closed.

Swimming gadgets can help you track your progress. For example, a swimming watch. It is difficult to name the best exercise watch for swimming because the diversity is vast and wide. They all have functions, but the best exercise watch for swimming calculates:

  • total distance and number of completed pools
  • time to overcome one pool
  • average indicators: number of strokes per segment, speed
  • average training efficiency: the ratio between the time of overcoming the distance (one pool) and the number of strokes completed on this segment.

They count how many calories were consumed — an important indicator for those who want to lose weight.

Respiratory endurance

This exercise is called a “ladder”. Swim as follows: one pool of 25 meters- breathe for every second stroke, then — for every third, then, for every fourth and fifth, then back to the fourth, third, and second.

Catch your breath and repeat this task.

Start doing these exercises, and you will see an improvement in technique and speed. The body strength will increase, the training will become more effective and longer.

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