Dryland training for swimmers #2

April 16, 2020

We’re back with some new info about dryland training during the quarantine. Let’s remember why swimmers need dryland training in the first place.

Prevents Injury – corrects for muscle imbalances and weak core strength.

Increases Stroke Rate – allows you to take more strokes in less time with more power.

Improves Distance Per Stroke – more power application per stroke allows you to swim further with less effort.

It is harder and harder to push yourself into doing exercises at home because let’s be honest we are getting lazier. Swimmers however have competitions in mind and the Olympics, which were postponed to 2021. If this is not a good reason to keep your body in shape then what it is?

For those who have a pool at home, we recommend this interesting tutorial from Patrick Riley. By means turned out to be at hand you can create public pool conditions to train. Half an hour per day would be just perfect for swimmers to keep in shape.

Speaking of improvised means: @theswimsuitguy95 and @tyson_strength teamed up and created a fun and informative dryland workout with a...backpack. Yes, you read it right. Just shove in it some water bottles, beans, boots, maybe your cat and start practicing at home. 

Sonr team supports all the swimmers and their coaches around the world. We are staying at home, actively practicing social distancing and working for you to present very soon the device who has it all. Stay tuned.

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