Everything you need to know about surfboards: how not to make a mistake when buying

December 6, 2021

To conquer people's hearts is the vocation of surfing. A favorite hobby fills fans of this sport with a desire to live because it becomes a part of their life, the philosophy of their souls. Riding the waves is of interest to many people, and they want to at least try to curb the wave. This curiosity leads beginners to the surf equipment store, where beginners are amazed by the abundance and variety of surfboards and it is they who give the feeling of the first victory and the willingness to test themselves and the elements. 

Surrounded by short, long, wide, and narrow boards with different shapes of tail, nose, and rails, the newly minted surfer is afraid to make the wrong choice.  Therefore, we have created an article that will tell you everything you need to know about surfboards in simple words and how to buy the one that is right for you.

Let's first figure out what surfboards are?

These are quite light but, at the same time, very solid boards that can withstand the weight of an adult during an active pastime on the water.

The history of the first surfboards is very interesting. They appeared in Hawaii centuries ago. The local population made them from tree species growing on the island. The first boards weighed a lot and reached 5 meters in length. So surfing is quite an ancient sport, and its increased development has led to the appearance of improved types of boards. Firstly, they have become lighter. Secondly, now the masters attach special fins to the bottom because they provide greater buoyancy and sustainability. The boards have acquired different shapes with superior streamlining, and modern materials are used in their manufacture. For example, polystyrene and polyurethane foam. Several layers of materials such as fiberglass, polyester, epoxy resin, or fabric are applied on top of the foam.

Such boards can maneuver and easily stay on the surface of the water. Modern production uses the latest technologies, as well as the use of carbon fiber. Every year 400 thousand new surfboards of different kinds are born, which are ready to become guides to the world of dizzying adventures for surfers. Earlier, about ten years ago, there were only two types of boards, longboards, and shortboards, and they differed, as you could already guess from the name, by only one main indicator - length. The athlete only had to calculate the ratio of his own height to the height of the board. Today, the choice is huge.

Here are the types of surfboards offered to go surfing:

The previously mentioned longboards are boards from 2.4 meters. They are quite dense and wide, which makes it possible for them to balance smoothly and stably on the water surface. They also allow you to gain high speed when rowing. The opposite is shortboards. These are boards whose length ranges from 1.5 to 2.1 meters. Their thickness and density are smaller, and the rounded square tail and pointed nose allow you to turn and maneuver faster among the waves.

Big, high and incredibly beautiful, and powerful waves require such board as gun surfboard. It is from 2.1 to 3.7 meters in length. Its tail and nose are pointed, and the main part is very thin. In general, the board has 1 or 3 fins, but you can also meet some with 4.

The fish board is shorter and wider compared to a regular board, which makes it look like a thickset. Its height ranges from 1.8 meters. Its rounded nose, fishtail, and 3 fins will allow you to balance on the water very confidently.

There is also such a variety as fun boards, which are a mixture of features of a shortboard and a longboard. They usually have an average length of 2.1-2.4 meters. It inherited the shape and other elements from the longboard, but the length from the shortboard. This model has a thin and narrow tail, making it possible to perform sharp turns.

The most recent version of the board is EG. These hybrids are from 1.8 to 2.3 meters long, and the tail and nose are rounded.

When we think about buying a surfboard, we must distinguish between their kinds, because we are talking about choosing the optimal design, which should have suitable parameters.

Therefore, we begin with important questions.

Your height and weight.  What is the perfect surfboard volume?

The volume depends on how deep the surfboard will dive. Therefore, it is important to take into account the weight of the athlete so that the board does not sink due to gravity. To do this, divide your weight by volume and get the right answer. We advise beginners to choose a ratio of 1 kg / 1 liter, and 3 kg / 1 liter will be an excellent guideline for professionals.

In what paradise place do you conquer the waves?

The right choice largely depends on the type of waves and the location where you are doing or planning to surf. If you like soft and gentle waves, then longboards will be a great solution, and if you prefer extreme, speed, foaming, and wild waves, then take a shortboard.

What is your level?

Lightweight, maneuverable, and difficult to control models are suitable for intermediate and experienced athletes. And if you are a beginner and feel insecure on the ridge of a wave, then pay attention to longboards. To gain speed even near the shore, you will need a long, wide, and soft board. And what does a soft board mean?

Surf. Softboard vs hardboard

Softtop is a special tender coating made of rubberized material, invented for beginners who are just studying. These are soft boards. They have a large volume, forgive students many mistakes, and protect you from injury when you can hit. Sotftops come in a variety of sizes, but it's still a good option for beginners because they are floating and stable. How to know what surfboard is right for you? Just answer the 3 main questions below.

Becoming more confident, surfers start to use "real" hardboards, where the cover is made, for example, of fiberglass and gradually decrease in size.

Taming the first wave in your life, you feel like something inside you is changing. The perception of the world is becoming different, now your goal is balancing, free flight over the water surface. Now surfing is your philosophy, teaching patience and self-control. It is a force that helps to overcome fears and doubts, an opportunity to go one-on-one with nature itself. Remember that this sport needs discipline and responsibility on your part.

So, the first step is to choose a board. The second is strict compliance with the coach's instructions, and in order to hear his advice better and not feel lonely, take real-time waterproof swim coach communicator SONR with you. And, the third step is to practice regularly. Put together this complex puzzle and get an amazing and inspiring hobby for life.

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