Halloween Treats at SONR: Watch out for Terrifying Discounts!

October 13, 2023

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows and leaving the world bathed in the eerie glow of the full moon, Halloween spirits come to life. It’s the season where we embrace all things spooky and unexpected. So, we thought about providing you a spine-chilling experience with SONR Communicator and SONR Music. Let's take a journey into the supernatural with a short story that will tantalize your senses and leave you craving for more!

A Night to Remember

In the quaint, cobblestone town of Swimpool Hollow, the annual Halloween party was the talk of the town. The eccentric resident, Coachella, was known for throwing the most unforgettable Halloween bashes. This year, she had a secret weapon: SONR Communicator sets and SONR Music. Armed with these remarkable devices, Coachella was poised to dazzle her guests and create a night unlike any other.

The night of the party arrived, and as guests gathered in her poolside garden, Coachella’s sinister plan began to unfold. She handed out SONR communicators to everyone, and as the night wore on, the guests were aghast to discover they could hear Coachella's voice as they were swimming. She told them spine-chilling tales, and every whisper could be heard, making them think of ghosts in the night. However, it was nothing more than the voice of their prankish friend.

As the clock struck midnight, the spotlight turned to SONR Music. Coachella handed out the music devices to all her guests who had no idea what they were clipping to their goggles. As it turned out, the impish friend had arranged everything, and Coachella had prepared a hauntingly good playlist that whisked the guests into a world of enchantment. The atmosphere was enriched by the shared spine-tingling playlist. What an unforgettable Halloween night!

Unveiling the Halloween Promo

But the magic doesn’t have to stop there! This Halloween, you too can celebrate in the same spooky way as Coachella and her friends with our exclusive SONR Halloween promo. From now until the stroke of midnight on October 31st, you can enjoy thrilling discounts on both SONR Communicator and SONR Music.

Get a fantastic 13% discount on up to 5 SONR receivers. Whether you're planning a Halloween pool party like Coachella or just want to stay in touch with your swimmers' gang, SONR Communicator will keep you connected.

Planning a grand Halloween gathering? Purchase SONR in Bulk and enjoy a monstrous discount of up to 33%! It's the perfect treat for a large group of swimmers.

Elevate your Halloween playlist with SONR Music, now available at a spooky 25% discount. Your auditory experience will be simply mesmerizing, like having an otherworldly symphony at your disposal.

This unique promo is the perfect way to make this Halloween a night to remember, much like Coachella's unforgettable party. Don’t miss out on these ghostly good deals – they will vanish into thin air right on midnight October 31st.

You're in Good Company – Go for It!

As Halloween night approaches, let SONR Communicator and SONR Music become your reliable companions for a night of spine-chilling fun, and for all the following workouts – long after the final pumpkin has been extinguished. The power to communicate with ease and experience exceptionally good music is now within your grasp, thanks to our exclusive Halloween promo.

Don’t let this opportunity float away like a spectral vision. Happy Halloween to you and your team of ghostly swimmers. May the spirits of SONR make your night extraordinary!

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