How to get faster at swimming

May 20, 2021

About half of the swimmers are primarily concerned about increasing their speed. The rest do not care about it at all - they try to enjoy the very process.

However, for both, speed is a crucial factor. To become a faster swimmer is a goal and a dream of each athlete, but time is a precious resource. One second can decide everything, so they learn swimming fast. This article includes some tips on how to get faster in different styles.

How to get faster at swimming freestyle?

Use front sculling to catch more water

Focus on improving your rowing technique and on developing your forearms. They are the main load, pushing you forward. The correct movements allow you to capture more water and increase speed in freestyle.

Be diligent and persistent in your exercises

Freestyle exercises should be performed cyclically, mixed with rest to allow the muscles to remember the movements, especially if this is just the beginning of mastering the skill. After resting, take up the exercises again. Only a diligent approach will make you swim freestyle faster without getting tired.

How to get faster at swimming butterfly?

Butterfly is considered the most challenging stroke, and not everybody can get better at butterfly swimming.

Keep every muscle under control.

Increase the speed of each stroke due to the correct position of the hands - grab more water. It will cause your center of gravity to move more strongly, carrying out punches. Move forward, not up and down - your chest will help you do this.

Seconds of breathing

To maintain the correct balance of the body, the position of the arms and legs, watch your head - do not raise it too high, breath properly. It is necessary to calculate your breath to maintain strength and endurance because they are the key to swim a faster butterfly.

How to get faster at swimming backstroke?

To get better at swimming backstroke is a complicated task. The main thing is to remember that legs are the power of backstrokers. Train them well and use them to nail your start by screwing them into the wall. It is going to help you swim faster backstroke.

How to get faster at long-distance swimming?

To swim long distances faster you need to pay much attention to the way you eat and drink.

Swimming perfectly burns calories, spending a lot of energy. Eat right and drink plenty of water to give your body more strength. Include grains, vegetables, and protein in your diet. If your body is full, then it can endure a long load.

Fitness is endurance

Long distances are a constant process. To achieve success in it, you can build a clear goal for each workout. They will help you gradually progress. Uneven distribution of forces and loads deplete the organism and can harm your health, destroy the motivation to exercise. Start from small distances, preparing your body for more.

Here are three exercises that are going to do you as quick as a flash

Superman (or Superwoman)

Superman encourages you to extend your body position while remaining streamlined.

How to do it: Move along the side, extending the leading arm with the shoulder to the cheek. Try to keep your head still and your chin pointing down, turning your head to breathe. You must strike enough blows to raise your back shoulder above the surface of the water while making sure that with your arm outstretched, the leading arm is parallel to the floor and below the surface. Tip: If your hand feels as if it is sinking while breathing, try using a support stand.

Single hand

Improve your stroke and accuracy by isolating one hand. How to do it: Pull back in a streamlined position with both arms outstretched, and try to swim the distance using only your left arm (keep your right arm extended forward). After the hand has passed the hips, you can bring the hand back to the front of the kick next to the static hand. Make sure you turn at the elbow and point your fingertips down, repeating with the opposite hand. Tip: Try using fitness flippers while swimming with a stationary hand to ensure full rotation, focusing on one hand movement and breathing between strokes.


Improve your technique by breaking the underwater kick into small parts.

Keep your arms outstretched and as far apart as possible, in front of and behind your thighs.

Training of any style can become more well organized if your coach is near, sharing experience and advice. Now you can hear the coach underwater while doing exercises because SONR was created.

Fast means efficient. Only working hard on your technique, your body, and mind will give you the results.

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