How to Wear a Swimming Nose Clip

October 8, 2021

A lot of additional accessories are used for swimming in the pool. These are elements of an athlete's equipment designed to increase the comfort of staying in the water and the effectiveness of training. SONR blog had many reviews and articles about swimming caps, gadgets, and aids. Today we offer you to answer questions about how to use such an accessory as a swimming nose clip and what it actually is.

How to use nose plugs?

When practicing the technique, swimmers often suffer from the fact that water gets into their noses. It's not very pleasant, and it's completely inconvenient.

The way out of the situation is to wear a nose clip when swimming. This accessory compresses the nose and prevents water from entering the sinuses. The athlete will be able to practice even underwater, absolutely without fear of drowning. The nose plug fits tightly to the nose and provides a high-quality fixation. It can be used to perform exercises when swimming in the sea, river, lake, or pool.

The nose clip is needed not only for synchronized swimming. It is used by freedivers, as well as swimmers. Clips are needed for practicing breathing techniques and when training different swimming styles such as crawl and breaststroke.

They allow you not to be distracted by controlling the ingress of water through your nose and mouth, which means you can develop a high speed. Nose plugs are made of polymer, metal, silicone. They differ in the way of wearing, the ability to adjust the compression force, shape, and color. Most often, athletes purchase flesh-colored clips, because they look natural. Some accessories are equipped with laces that increase the reliability of fixation to perform particularly intricate exercises.

There are clips made of wire with silicone pads.

One of the advantages of this type is considered to be a low price. Among the negative qualities are fragility and the inability to adjust the size.

There are also clips made of a metal base with latex insulation. This type is characterized by durability and the ability to adjust the fit to the skin due to compression, but it needs periodic drying to reduce the risk of mold occurrence.

All modern models have soft pads to prevent injuries, are universal for men and women.

How to put on a swimming nose clip?

There are few ways how to wear a nose clip. It all depends on what type of accessory you want to buy and for what type of swimming.

The first option of putting on is sliding on the face. Fixation occurs on the wedge-shaped expansion of the nose.

The second option is nose plugs working on the principle of clothespins. You need to push the two ends apart, put them on, let go.

There are some models which are put on by the simple principle: put the ends near each nostril and compress them until the access of water and air is completely blocked.

Professional trainers advise using nose clips constantly if there are problems with the nasal mucosa.

In addition, they can be used during training with a breathing tube.

Swimming is a wonderful sport, but sometimes it requires to use a lot of accessories to make the training easier. We hope that our blog helps you to choose the best.

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