It’s coming, it’s near, SPRING’s here! – up to 30% OFF!

March 1, 2023

Spring is in, which means less darkness, longer daylight, and warmer weather. All these bring sports to life, and swimming is not an exception. It’s a time for plans and beginnings. Begin taking steps that will bring you closer to excellent training results.

Every swimmer has different skills and training abilities. Yet, many of them, have a common goal - to compete faster in races. Help your swimmers achieve it.
This spring, discover real-time swim coaching with SONR. This innovative tool for swim training allows for mistake correction right on time, since coaches can provide instructions or explanations on the spot and without raising their voice to be heard. Real-time feedback from a coach can prevent injuries and repeated mistakes in swimmers' technique.

SONR communicator is in this spring, and it’s a favorable time to try it.  

Starting March 1st until March 21st, use promo code SPRING15 to get 15% OFF on up to 5 SONRs or request up to 30% OFF on customized sets.

Check out our shop or contact us for the best offer!

Let spring inspire you, let SONR raise your training efficiency!

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