Opening pools in the USA. Update

June 18, 2020

Today we share some updates regarding opening pools in the USA. VOA News reports that IF the pools are reopening this summer they will suffer a lot of changes like screening temperatures on entry, requiring lifeguards to wear masks and significantly reducing the number of swimmers allowed in the water and locker rooms, etc. 

COVID-19 still cannot affect people in pools, hot tubs, oceans and lakes. Pool disinfectants like chlorine should also kill the virus, providing another layer of protection. But crowds are still to be avoided and masks are obligatory.

Some pool operators have decided to delay the opening while others will not open the pools at all. Everyone is concerned about the safety measures they have to provide. What’s the point in giving access to pools if you cannot ensure the safety of people, right? 

VOA news also reports about financial concerns some places have because of the decline in tax revenue caused by the coronavirus and the efforts to slow its spread. New York City, for example, estimates it will save $12 million by keeping its pools closed. 

The bright spot in this COVID-19 pandemic is that people are going out and enjoying nature more.

You can find an updated list of pools which will open and those that have opted not to open their pools this summer here.

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