Pre-orders Open Now! Get your Sonr sooner with 25 % OFF

March 30, 2021

If you haven’t heard the news, we’re excited to share that Sonr is now available for pre-order with an exclusive early bird price. Starting today, you can visit our shop and select the best fit for your needs with a special 25% discount. 

It has been quite challenging to work during the last few months due to pandemic situation – with all the restrictions, closed swimming pools, and shipping delays.

But we’re back in business, happy to announce that we’ve received a batch of final devices from China - which have already been tested by trainers and coaches all around Europe.

Here are some of their valuable reviews:

Victor Rogut - Olympic Games participant - 2000/2004, fitness director, personal swimming coach with over 15 years of experience: 

“Excellent sound quality. When used in technical training, it certainly provides the maximum degree of feedback between the coach and the swimmer. I would give it a 10 out of 10!”

Dmitry Korotash - swimming coach at a children's sports school:

“A wonderful device for personal training.”

Denis Cherny - swimming coach at a commercial swimming school:

“A very useful device, both for the beginner level and for advanced athletes.”

Now comes the greatest part – our online shop is open for early bird pre-orders. Be the first to improve swimming performance with Sonr at a very affordable price. Make your order NOW and you will get your Sonr with a super early bird price before it will be launched globally in July, 2021.

If you are a coach and you train only one athlete, you will need a Sonr Basic Set $ 199 USD

$ 149 USD.

If you train 2 swimmers simultaneously, you will achieve great results with the Sonr Dual Receiver Pack - $ 315 USD $ 215 USD.

If you have a team – you can choose from our Team Sets or Pool Sets. 

Do you fancy giving Sonr a try?  Go here and make your choice:

We wish you a successful swim season!

Stay tuned for new articles and topics. We are only getting started.

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