Reasons to be a swimmer: 9 benefits of swimming

April 19, 2022

What is swimming good for? If you start wondering, here are just a few of the advantages - a slim, pumped-up body, a healthy back, and a circulatory system are just small advantages that swimmers get from their hobby. Swimming is good for your health, your appearance, and your inner condition. Just imagine what a pleasure it is to swim on the blue surface of the water, making powerful strokes with strong arms! If suddenly you lose motivation and start asking yourself the question why should I go swimming, read our article in which we will tell you about 9 awesome reasons to be a swimmer.

1.Swimming is fun

After a long day of work, you can relax and recharge with positive energy in the pool. It has been proven that staying in the water relaxes and improves mood. While swimming, you concentrate on movements, forgetting about worries and everyday life. If you are swimming in the company of friends or team members, then it's real fun to compete by arranging a friendly duel.

2. Health

Swimmers are among the healthiest athletes because swimming has a lot of reasons why you should learn this sport. For example, it normalizes blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and improves joint mobility. When you swim, you often need to look straight, directing your shoulders, which eliminates slouching, and aligns your posture, making it beautiful. It is noteworthy that during swimming, the joints are practically not involved, only the muscles work, relieving the load from the bones. Therefore, swimming is a good sport and a great way to recover from injuries, surgeries, and spinal issues. Dense thick water stimulates the work of blood vessels, which is useful for varicose veins. Swimming has almost no contraindications - it is available to everyone.

3. Youth

The secret of youth is also kept in swimming, helping to slow down the aging process. This is because, as mentioned earlier, it trains the heart muscle and normalizes blood pressure. In addition, aerobic exercise leads to normal hormone production. With age, the synthesis of testosterone and somatotropin decreases in the body, and the sensitivity of body tissues to insulin decreases. Swimming helps to keep the synthesis of hormones and sensitivity on the corresponding level and raises closer to normal indicators, so swimming is a great activity for all adults. 

4. Attractive figure

One of the reasons to be a swimmer is an attractive body. Swimming simultaneously improves all muscles and helps to fight excess calories. The back and upper shoulder girdle are actively involved in the work, developing the right muscles. In other sports, such as running, walking, cycling, and other endurance training, they are not involved so much as in swimming. It is necessary to select special exercises for the upper body, and in swimming, this happens automatically. Extra pounds disappear quickly, forming a classic figure of a swimmer: wide shoulders, strong back, tight waist, pumped torso and hips, slim legs. Gym-goers are jealous of the swimmer's beautiful figure!

5. Endurance

Undoubtedly, people who swim have a higher level of endurance. Other types of endurance training are unlikely to be able to provide the heart with a suitable aerobic load as during swimming. Due to the limited time to inhale and exhale, the swimmer's respiratory system is forced to work to the maximum, raising the level of efficiency and endurance of the athlete. If a swimmer decides to participate in other sports, then they will perform perfectly, because all the muscles, circulatory system, heart, and lungs are already sufficiently prepared to win. An interesting fact is that in other sports, such as running, weightlifting, and hockey, athletes also swim to improve overall physical fitness and recover after hard training

6. Improving brain activity and stress resistance

Swimming activates brain activity and increases the body's defense mechanisms, including mental ones. Swimmers are less likely to have depression, anxiety, and insomnia compared to non-sports people. Various scientists have found that swimmers cope better with stress and solve various intellectual tasks faster. The swimmers themselves state that by swimming for several months, you can begin to remember all sorts of little things better and memorize the necessary details faster.

7. Travel

Passion for swimming often makes it possible to start traveling to different countries for various swims to take part in them and bring home various awards. For example, the Bosphorus swim in Turkey is very famous. Competitions for amateurs are often held all over the world.

8. Proper muscle tone

Other athletes get more tired than swimmers, although swimmers spend a lot of energy. This wonderful feeling of pleasant fatigue after swimming is familiar to all swimmers. Here lies another secret. Water, and the resistance that it creates, gives a soft load on the muscles. It is similar to hydro massage, which relaxes muscles that are not involved in movement and helps to remove metabolic products from those that are involved. Therefore, after swimming training, there is no specific burning feeling in the muscles, as well as no pain the next morning after the workout. This ache in the muscles often persecutes fans of strength training or running.

9. Team spirit

It can be assumed that swimming is an individual activity, but in the pool, you can find many like-minded people who, like you, fully devote themselves to this wonderful activity. In the person of a coach, for example, you will be able to acquire a new friend and mentor. Indeed, a lot of adults, when they start swimming, work with a personal coach, which perfectly helps them achieve their goals faster, but so that you train better and you have a communication process with the coach, you can use an excellent solution - SONR swim coach communicator, which allows the coach to immediately give you instructions and correct your movements. Often novice swimmers train in groups, which also fosters team spirit and makes you laugh the whole workout.

This is how the popularity of adult swimming training is growing. Therefore, at each lesson, a swimmer — no matter if he is a professional, an amateur, or a beginner — is waiting for the friendly support of like-minded people. There will always be someone with whom to discuss the result of training, new equipment, and plans for the future.

These were just 9 benefits of swimming, proving why it is the best sport in the world.

Of course, you can find a lot more reasons to be a swimmer. But these are quite enough to start or continue visiting the pool. It is not surprising that people of different ages and health conditions start swimming for fun and sporting success, making sure how good is swimming for fitness.

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