SONR Basic Sets: NOW UP TO 30% OFF

April 29, 2021

Here are our fresh essentials to get more of your training: SONR Basic Set and SONR Dual Receiver Pack ready for pre-orders at a very special price.

SONR Basic Set - 25% OFF

Our mission is simple: to help you unleash some serious swimming high-performance. No need to wait for the swimmer at the rim to correct his movements. No need to shout. You can give instructions here and now, work on the technique and bring it to a new level as the swimmer will hear your commands while swimming.  

Get your SONR Basic Set with a 25 % discount for only $149. This price is available for pre-order and will change soon.

SONR Dual Receiver Pack – 30% OFF

If you train 2 athletes or amateurs simultaneously, then this is exactly what you need. Our device has a common channel that will allow giving commands to both swimmers. And there is no need to raise your voice.

If you need to work only with one of them, you can switch to a unique channel with a slight movement and help your swimmer correct his technique not bothering another one.

Save 30%  and get your SONR Dual Receiver Pack at a special price of $215 - now available for pre-order.

Give your swimmers something they can really use and appreciate.

Check all the sets we have:

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