SONR: Get ready for Halloween. All SONR Sets with a discount of 13%

October 20, 2022

The mysterious night of Halloween is coming… feel the wind's cold touch, it is a whisper of spirits who are getting closer and closer to scare you out! Boo!

Want to know where the safe place is? Swimming pool, of course. Here among your swimmers, surrounded by calming water you are totally protected from evil spirits but not from mistakes in your swimmers' technique… For this case, we have a secret weapon as well - real-time correction. It is a perfect tool that can help prevent mistakes in movements, time-wasting on explanations, and coach’s shouting. A sore throat and broken voice are more terrifying things than any monsters, and a lot of swim coaches know that.

But not this Halloween! This Halloween you have a 13% promo code on aaa-aaaa-aall SONR Sets! It is so easy to get it: enter the shop, choose your SONR Set and fave SONR color, add a promo code SONRHalloween2022 when placing your order and get a 13% discount.  

Celebrate this Halloween without fear of a hoarse voice. Even if you hear one, be sure that it is not yours, but a ghost's.

P.S. SONR of the new orange color is a real fit for your swim training this Halloween cause it looks like a cute small pumpkin.

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