SONR Pool Sets Now Available for Pre-Order Up to 35 % OFF

April 29, 2021

Nothing beats the thrill of effective training in the pool. But how can you advise your athletes and get to be heard when there are other coaches next to you, also trying to reach their swimmers?

Oh, that is quite a challenge.

Now you can meet your objectives without shouting and losing your voice

SONR Pack x 3 - 28% OFF

Contains 3 walkie-talkies and 3 receiving devices - 3 basic sets for personal training. Suitable for swimming pools, sports schools, fitness centers. With this set, 3 coaches can simultaneously train their athletes through personal training.

SONR Pack x 5 - 30% OFF

Contains 5 radios and 5 receiving devices. With this set, 5 trainers can conduct personal training sessions at the same time. The set is suitable for larger pool chains, sports schools or fitness centers. It can significantly improve the atmosphere in the pool and reduce emotional stress, both among coaches and athletes.

SONR Big Pack – 35 % OFF

Perfect for large networks. Contains 3 walkie-talkies and 15 receiving devices. This means that 3 coaches can simultaneously train groups of 5 athletes without interfering with each other. It helps all the teams train as comfortably as possible and do work that actually has value.

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