Swimming exercises plans ideas from beginner to advanced swimmers

July 25, 2023

Dive into invigorating swimming exercises that will shove both your physical and intellectual boundaries! Get ready for being amazed as this dynamic routine showcases a wide range of drills that work together harmoniously to take your technique to new levels of excellence and build remarkable endurance capabilities. Regardless of how well trained you are, incorporating structured swim practice workouts into your regular activity can help you advance and reach your targets.

This piece of writing will deliver you an answer to the query, "What is a good swimming workout?" Let us give you a little hint: it’s the one that is meticulously personalized to meet your exclusive goals and fitness condition, challenging you to push your limits and reach new peaks of accomplishment. Get ready to make a splash and achieve your fitness goals with this refreshing and effective swimming plan!

Beginner swimming workout 

For individuals new to water sports, it is requisite to concentrate on establishing a strong base for skills and technique. Here are some straightforward, efficient and easy swim workouts to commence your journey:

Freestyle Focus

Start your swimming workouts for beginners with a gentle warm-up by swimming laps using the freestyle stroke – which is also referred to as front crawl. Concentrate on enhancing your arm strokes, refining your kicking technique, and mastering correct breathing patterns. Aim for two hundred to four hundred meters as a warm-up. Engage in uninterrupted swimming for a predetermined distance or time, while striving to maintain a consistent pace and emphasizing correct breathing. Begin with shorter distances and gradually increase them as your endurance improves.

Kickboard Kicks

Get hold of a kickboard and engage in kicking drills. Such particular swimming exercises for beginners are intended to increase leg strength and polish your kicking performance. Challenge yourself by aiming to complete four to six sets of fifty meters, allowing for short rest intervals in between each set. In order to fortify your leg muscles and enhance your kick technique, incorporate impactful kickboard aerobics into your activity list. Additionally, integrate kicking intervals by alternating between comfortable and demanding speeds to push your limits further.

Pull Buoy Practice

Utilize a pull buoy positioned between your legs to emphasize arm movements and promote upper body strength. This workout specifically isolates and targets the upper body, enabling you to dedicate your attention to refining your arm strokes. Perform 4 to 6 sets of 50 meters, incorporating this exercise into your beginner swim workout plan.

Cool Down

Conclude your 30-minute swim workout for beginners with a cooling-down phase, where you swim at a relaxed pace for a distance ranging from 200 to 400 meters. It is important to proceed gradually, respecting your body's cues, and gradually escalating the duration and intensity of your workouts over time.

Intermediate-level swimming workout

Once intermediate swimmers have developed a sense of comfort in the water and a solid understanding of various swimming techniques, it becomes crucial to focus on further enhancing their in-water abilities. As you gain confidence in the basics and build endurance, it's essential to escalate the intensity of your aquatic exercise to push your limits and continue progressing. Here are some suggested swim workout ideas to help intermediate swimmers elevate their performance in the water.

Interval Training

To enhance your cardiovascular fitness and boost your swimming speed, it is beneficial to focus on intervals in intermediate swim workouts. This training method involves alternating between high-intensity, fast-paced laps and slower recovery laps. By incorporating interval training, you can significantly improve your stamina and overall performance in the water. For instance, consider completing from eight to ten 100-meter sets, allowing yourself a short thirty-second rest in between sets to recover. This interval-based workout will challenge your body to exert maximum effort during the fast-paced laps while also providing brief periods of relief to recharge for the next set.

Stroke Refinement

Dedicate sessions to refining specific strokes, such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly. Focus on technique, efficiency, and pacing. Work on refining your swim workouts intermediate technique. This may include drills to improve your backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Focusing on proper form will make you a more efficient swimmer. Dedicate a portion of each workout to specific stroke drills. 

Distance Challenge

Another good swimming workout is pushing yourself to test your endurance and swim greater distances. Establish a specific goal, such as completing an uninterrupted swim of eight hundred meters or one kilometer. If necessary, divide the distance into smaller, attainable sets and incrementally intensify your abilities until you can conquer the full distance. This challenge pushes you to surpass your limits and gradually build your stamina to achieve impressive feats in the water.

Treading Water

To improve your buoyancy and develop a stronger sense of confidence in the water, dedicate time to practicing treading water. This exercise focuses on maintaining afloat without relying on touching the pool floor. Start by aiming to tread water for one to two minutes, gradually building up your endurance over time. Continuously challenge yourself by extending the duration as your skills progress.

Advanced swim training 

Proficient swimmers possess a high level of fitness and skill, and it’s probably known that they often participate in high-performing contests and events. At this stage, the focus shifts towards fine-tuning technique and optimizing performance. Here are a couple of challenging swimming routines to enhance their performance.

Pyramid Sets

Incorporate pyramid sets to challenge yourself. Start with shorter distances, gradually increase to a peak distance, and then decrease again. For example, perform sets of fifty meters, a hundred meters, two hundred meters, four hundred meters, decreasing to two hundred meters, followed by a hundred meters, and lastly fifty meters with short rests in between. Start with shorter distances, gradually increasing to a peak distance, and then decrease back down. This swimming training challenges speed, endurance, and mental fortitude.

Interval Training

Include into your workouts another type of best swimming exercises – namely, the high-intensity interval training. Challenge yourself by pushing your boundaries through brief, intense bursts of speed coupled with brief recovery periods. Elevate your speed with sprint intervals, where you give your all for short distances and take longer breaks to recover. For example, complete eight sets of twenty-five-meter sprints with a one-minute rest period between each set.

Open Water Simulation

To adequately prepare for open water events, replicate those specific conditions within a pool setting. Simulate the challenges you may encounter, such as practicing sighting techniques, creating simulated waves by having someone generate them in the pool, and frequently swimming without relying on the pool walls for support.

Endurance Challenges

Take on endurance challenges to intensify your training and enhance your stamina. Establish ambitious distance objectives and focus on enhancing your endurance capabilities. Consider swimming non-stop for 2 or 3 kilometers, or if you are ready for the extra challenge, push yourself to even greater distances.

Video Analysis

Consider documenting your swim sessions by recording them, enabling you to review and analyze your technique. Say, you could put altogether 1 hour swim workout even though completed at different moments but within a definite period of time. This valuable practice allows you to identify areas that require refinement and make appropriate adjustments to enhance your performance.


Swimming is a flexible and fulfilling physical activity that accommodates individuals at any fitness level. Whether you're just starting out, have some experience, or are an advanced swimmer, it's essential to tailor your workouts according to your capabilities and objectives. Always remember to warm up, cool down, and maintain correct form throughout your swim sessions. By practicing consistently and gradually challenging yourself, you'll be astonished by the advancements you can make in your swimming skills and overall fitness. Enjoy your swim!

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