Swimming news

July 2, 2020

We like to keep you updated on the swimming news and to be aware of what is happening in the world. So today we decided to share with you some updates on opening pools, how to deal with quarantine and how to come back to swimming after the lockdown.

It seems like soon pools will be ready to reopen and it will happen sooner than you think. SwimSwam reports that on the 4th of July Swimming Canada’s High Performance Center in Quebec is ready to restart its swimming training group. Swimming Canada started a four-step process in May limited to one athlete per lane. 

Outdoor Swimmer has some news for the open water swimmers. It is a really beautiful article about what swimming actually means for people. We recommend reading it and see how much the outdoor swimming changed because of the pandemic.

Tips on how to return back to the water can be found on USA Swimming page. According to the newsportal you should really “stay in your lane” and get back with an attitude that they like to call “marathon mentality”.

Swimming World Magazine says that a lot of athletes had the opportunity to see how other swimmers around the world stay in shape thanks to social media. Also “Swimmers who have never really included running in their training regimen have been going on regular runs now to keep up their endurance.”

And finally, some good news from Swim England, who started the  #OpenOurPools campaign, reporting that “Government and public health officials have toured four swimming pools to see at first-hand how facilities are able to operate safely.” You can find more about it here: and also sign a petition in case you want to support the initiative. 

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And do not forget: wear a mask and stay healthy.

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