Swimming tips for beginners

May 28, 2021

People used to complicate things, the reason hides in hesitation. When we have a new hobby, we get new doubts too. The majority think: “I cannot handle it” and they diligently look for hints on how to begin. Swimming is not an exception. There is no need to search anymore because our article on swimming tips for beginners can become such a nice guide for you. With this knowledge, you are going to transform from a total beginner to an experienced swimmer.

First-time swimming tips

First-time swimming tips

  • Spend enough time training. It is unlikely that you will quickly achieve results by practicing only once a week. Any sport takes time. Try to go to the pool as often as possible, even if the sessions are short. There are some well-known situations when there is neither the strength nor the desire to go to training. If you want to achieve something in sports, develop the habit of giving your best even on such days.
  • Strive for leadership. Join a group or find a partner who is superior to you. Try to be a winner, because the competition provides intense motivation! With single workouts, there is no such incentive.
  • Don't forget to drink. Any physical exertion dehydrates the organism, but in the pool, it is more difficult to notice. Put a bottle of water on the side and make some sips from time to time.

Swimming pool tips and tricks

  1. Take care of shoulders. Swimming is one of the safest sports, but shoulder injuries still happen.  Excessive loads or improper entry of the brush into the water cause traumas. Attempt to dip your fingertips first, but not your thumb.
  2. Straight and smooth. When you straighten up, there is minimal water resistance, and you move faster. Protruding parts of the body, on the contrary, slow down the movement.
  3. Look down. To maintain a straight position is to lower your head down and look at the bottom. Athletes usually prefer to look ahead. But they don't turn their heads, just their eyes.
  4. Choose an appropriate style. Don't know which style to prefer? One of the ways to select is by figure and height. Crawl is convenient for tall and breaststroke — for small stature. Butterfly requires the most developed muscles.
  5. Don't copy other people's movements. Each swimmer has their physiology.  The movements are similar only in general — the masters of sports mix the ideal technique and a part of their own.
  6. Get a boost of inspiration before class. It can be your favorite music or optimistic small talk with a coach. Thus, training will no longer be a boring routine.
  7. Don't skimp on inventory. To buy goggles is not just a purchase. You should find the most comfortable ones because they are going to protect your eyes from chlorinated water! You also need a non-slip cap and professional clothing. A sports watch will help you collect information.

Tips to swim better

  1. Focus on what you're doing. While swimming the distance, you can not look around and think about something abstract. Concentrate on your breathing and proper movements.
  2. Swim smoothly. Imagine a line that runs through the center of your body from your head to your feet. Hands during the stroke should never cross this line, otherwise, the body will begin to wriggle.
  3. Pay attention to legs. The legs are the largest muscle group that consumes the most oxygen. Be sure to include exercises for them in your classes.
  4. Stretch your toes. It is necessary not only for beauty in synchronized swimming. Toes reduced water resistance.
  5. Practice the technique of turns. The right turn with a strong push often helps to catch up with the opponent and vice versa. Follow the markings on the bottom to start it at the right moment. Do not dive deep.

Swimming tips for beginners. Breathing

  1. Focus on what you're doing. While swimming the distance, you can not look around and think about something abstract. Concentrate on your breathing and proper movements.
  2. Move head only for breathing. The head is like a steering wheel, so it should only be held straight. The more extra movements you make, the slower you will swim.
  3. Hold the breath at the finish. A powerful last dash can bring you victory. For the sake of this, you can refuse to inhale the last 5 meters. Grab the edge and catch your breath.

Swimming learning tips for beginners

learning tips for beginners

  1. Warm up. Always warm-up before diving. Five minutes will be enough to warm up your muscles and stretch your joints.
  2. Create a training program. Include in your plan different kinds of exercises for various muscle groups and swimming style workouts. An integrated approach is half of success.
  3. Both right and left. Be sure to train both parts of the body to the same extent: the right and left. Do not expect achievements if you pay attention only to one hand. Here is a swimming technique tip: the left arm is extended forward, and the right makes strokes and vice versa. Each time you will get better and better at it.

Swimming gala tips

  1. Use power reserve. A couple of weeks before the competition, slow down the training pace. The energy “in reserve” will surprise you at the crucial moment. When you feel a sudden rush of it, be prepared to harness this energy with intelligence and calculation.
  2. Set goals. “No goals — no frustration”, “the main thing is participation”, isn't it? These are false words and a wrong attitude. Review your plan for the rest of your life and be clear about what you want to achieve.
  3. No surprises for diet. The last thing you want from your stomach, standing on the edge before the whistle, is a bad feeling. The last days and hours before the race are not the best time to taste unfamiliar dishes.
  4. Get ready. Before the performance, inspect the competition area, do a light warm-up with the help of competition equipment. It fights against excessive excitement and negative emotions.

TOP25 basic tips for swimming beginners simplify the attitude to the challenges that appear on the way. Do not complicate, believe in yourself!

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