The best training for beginners in swimming

June 18, 2021

Swimming is an intense process and a pleasant way to relieve stress. It's never too late to learn. We offer you a beginner swim workout plan with explanations of techniques, styles, and exercises. Top 6 beginner lap swim workouts were selected for you. Master the theory and prepare for practice in the pool. 

Adults can learn to swim individually, but it will take time. Over the years, people have become more cautious — it is more complicated for them to defeat the fear of the deep. This question has a psychological side, but some people cope with it on their own.  Spend time near the water, do not be afraid to go into it. Remember - the human body naturally has buoyancy.

Mastering the technique of swimming for beginners takes place independently or with a coach. In the first case, they choose a clean pond for training and ask for the help of an experienced friend. The second option is to train with a coach in the pool. The instructor and program discipline you. Practice sharpens your skills.

What does the ideal beginner swim workout look like?

Good swimming workouts for beginners consist of 4 stages:

  1. Warm-up 
  2. Practicing swimming techniques.
  3. Exercises for development.
  4. Relaxation.

There is no universal training scheme – it all depends on personal characteristics, capabilities, and goals. Set up a beginner swim workout plan with your coach or by yourself.

Choose from our TOP 6 best swim workouts for beginners.

Easy swim workout

Let's start with an easy swim workout for beginners

  • 2 x 25 m of crawl;
  • 4 x 25 m - Take a board, hold it in your outstretched hands, swim on your stomach;
  • 4 x 25 m of crawl on your back;
  • 2 x 25 m of Breaststroke;
  • 2 x 25 m - Clamp a pull buoy between the thighs, the legs remain motionless, the hands work in the crawl style;
  • 4 x 25 m - Swim crawl on the back with a board in the outstretched arms behind the head. Only legs work;
  • 2 x 25 m of breaststroke;
  • And at the end of 4-5 pools of 25 meters, you can swim in a slower rhythm to cool down your muscles. Do not forget to change styles. You can also swim using short flippers (suitable for all styles except Breaststroke).

After each exercise, take a break of 30 seconds. It regains your breath and prepares for the next lap.

In total, for such training, you will swim 750-775 meters. This is a great result!

Butterfly swim workout

Athletes must properly spend their strength. Butterfly is a tedious type of swimming; you need to keep a fast pace. It will help distribute the energy so that the swimmer has enough of it in the middle and at the end of the race. 

Working out skills, finding the optimal speed of movement is possible with this fun swim workout for beginners:

  • Warm-up well by swimming 200 m of a crawl.
  • Do sets of 2×50 m, 4×50 m butterfly with rest between – for a beginner, this will be quite enough. It allows you to hone the technique of movement, gradually increase the reserve of endurance, the ability to swim a butterfly for significant distances without stopping. The number of sets depends on the level of physical fitness.

Swimming interval workout

The interval format involves alternating the most intense activity with rest.  The result becomes noticeable after two sessions.

With the appropriate program for interval swimming, the training will last only 15 minutes, but this will be quite enough to achieve the goal.

Stick to this:

  • 30 seconds – freestyle swimming at the limit of your strength and maximum speed;
  • 15 seconds - slow breaststroke.

Start with eight such periods, if this is a lot, gradually raise their number to 8-10. When you notice progress, increase the butterfly time to 40 seconds, and reduce the breaststroke time to 10 seconds.

Rules for interval swimming:

  • Take 10 minutes to warm up, swim in diverse styles and techniques to prepare all muscle groups;
  • The intervals of acceleration and relaxation in one workout should be equal in duration;
  • The slow interval should not last more than 15 seconds, the fast should not last less than 20 seconds.
  • If by the fifth interval you feel exhausted, then the training is going as it should. If you still have strength left by the seventh interval, it means that you are not working at the limit of your abilities;
  • Finish your workout with a five-minute swim in any style at a calm pace.

Swimming interval workout for those who want to lose weight

Interval swimming burns 10 times more calories than aerobics classes. Do not start alone. This is a serious load on many organs.

Consult with your coach, try to objectively assess your capabilities — and only then follow this method:

  • Do a 10-minute warm-up on land.
  • 10 minutes of swimming in the pool in various styles.
  • Within 30 seconds, spend 90% of your strength, swim the butterfly.
  • The next 30 seconds — rest, swim breaststroke at a calm pace.
  •  Repeat from 5 to 7 cycles, if possible.

On the last cycle, the forces should no longer remain.

The body will get used to it, and by the end of the last interval, there will be enough strength left. This is a signal to increase the active phase and shorten the rest phase.

Classes are held three times a week. He course of weight loss — 3 weeks. Such sessions are very tiring, but they give you the figure of your dream. 

Best swim workout for beginners 

  • Warm-up (5-10 minutes). 

Swim at a low speed, watch your breath.

  • Hand swimming (5 minutes).

Try to move your legs as little as possible, distributing the main pressure on your shoulders. This exercise perfectly develops the pectoral area.

  • Swimming with a change of style (10 minutes). 

Do several swims along the track: in one end — crawl, in the other-breaststroke. The tempo can also be varied.

  • Swimming with your feet (5-10 minutes). 

Take a board, lean on it, and swim, working only with your feet.

  • Exercise with increasing speed (5-10 minutes). 

Try to maximize the speed of movement on the track.

  • Hitch (10-15 minutes). 

Swim freestyle, at a slow pace, if desired- perform a few exercises from the aerobics program (for example, steps in the water).

Beginner swimming cardio workout

  • Warm-up (5 minutes). 

Calmly swim from end to end of the track once or twice.

  • Freestyle swimming (5 minutes). 

Swim 150-200 meters in the style that you like the most. Gradually increase your speed.

  • Swimming with your feet (10 minutes). 

Try to swim, working only with your legs, putting your torso on the board.

  • Backstroke (5-10 minutes).

Without straining, swim a few "circles" around the pool.

  • Swimming with varying speed (10-15 minutes). 

Swim half of the track fast, half is slow.

  • Completion (10-15 minutes). 

Swim at a calm pace. Do some stretching exercises after getting out of the water.

Beginner swim workout routine can be enriched by these exercises:


  1. If you need to pump your legs, make them swing right in the water.
  2. Walking in the water with your arms outstretched and your knees raised high. Try to speed up from time to time.
  3. Legs together, arms at the sides. Spread your legs apart, while bringing your hands together.

Waist, sides

Lie on your back. Hands - on the sides. Deep exhalation. Stretch your knees to your chest. Breath. Lower your legs.

This exercise is called "Ballerina" . It pumps the torso.


  1. Hold the ball with your feet and swim, using only your hands.
  2. Do the scissors exercise with your arms outstretched in the water.

Both hands are pressed down

The legs here need to work intensively so that they do not start to sink. Take breaths to the side — to the right and the left, due to the body rotation.

A big plus of this task — you can get rid of the habit of leaning on the water while inhaling.

Alternate strokes with the board

Take the board and start swimming with your head down, working with your feet.

As you move, start doing alternate strokes: the hand makes a stroke, returns to the board, then the stroke is made with the other hand. During this exercise, train your breathing to the side.

Use a hand paddle or pull buoy

This is one of the best exercises to train a strong stroke: Put on the hand paddle, a pull buoy. Swim only at the expense of the hands, the legs are inactive. Depending on the level of physical fitness, swim 50-400 meters (but if you are a beginner — do not overload your shoulders!).

Swimming on the side

Swim the pool on your side by working your legs, with one arm extended forward and the other pressed against your body. When you swim back, change your side. You can also do a shift right along the course — for example, every six kicks.

Best swim workout depends on your aim. To set up a goal is a nice habit that can guide you in what you are doing and not just in swimming.  If you are doing your first steps in this sport you have to pay attention to the selection of a professional coach. That is the person who can decide your future in swimming. 

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