This December SONR swim coach communicator with 15% OFF!

December 1, 2022

December is here, soon the air will fill with happiness, hopes, and dreams. It's a magical time indeed, a beautiful time, the time when everybody starts to sum up their results and think of what to do in order to achieve more in the upcoming year. Striving for improvement is an inner power that brings us closer to the desired. 

If your wish is to upgrade your swim workouts, to make them even more efficient, and to achieve excellent results, we know the magical tool - real-time correction. Thanks to it swim coaches can correct mistakes right when it's needed without shouting and waiting, focus swimmers on instructions and training goals, explain the exercise, prevent injuries and repeated mistakes. As a result, swimmers progress 35% faster.

For these purposes was developed SONR, swim coach communicator, and as it is a magical time indeed, this December you can purchase any SONR Set with a 15% discount.

Just visit our shop, choose your favourite SONR Set and color, and use this promo code XMAS22 when placing your order. 

Make it a December to remember!

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