Through hardships to the stars: SONR Production Update

October 19, 2021

Dear friends,

We have promised to open the world of swim coach communicator - SONR production for you. It is the world of ups and downs, of faith and team spirit.

SONR Inc keeps the promises.  And we are ready to answer your question - What is taking us so long to manufacture SONR?

Reason №1 - The selection of the manufacturer

Choosing a manufacturer who will be able to create such a  unique device is a tough task. Every gram of SONR is the art of high technology. We needed to find a perfect solution. All our severe requirements must be satisfied and followed because quality is our metric of trust. So we wandered in search of ideal: changed one manufacture for another because it was not replied our standards, tried to work with a few factories but it did not feel right. And finally, we found it - our manufacture with previous experience in creating waterproof devices, meeting all our expectations.

Reason №2 - The lack of components

   All companies that are producing electronic devices nowadays face the problem of The global shortage of electronic components. Why has a shortage of chips appeared?

The shortage of chips could not be avoided even by such large representatives as Tesla, Apple, Fiat, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, and others.

It's not a secret that the main reason for the current shortage of chips is the COVID-19 pandemic, as their production was abruptly stopped because of it.

Another factor in the current shortage of semiconductor products is a clear increase in consumer demand for a wide range of consumer electronics. This is also due to the pandemic — people were forced to switch to remote work from home. A third of the global consumption of semiconductors accounted for the production of computer equipment.

Our policy is to choose qualitative components for our product, so we were searching for them for a long time too.

Reason №3 - The pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic causes so many obstacles and difficulties. It is not just an excuse, it is our sad reality. Every time we get closer to our goal, the situation in the world complicates our path. Some members of our team planned to fly to our factory in China to personally control the last stage of production, but they just could not get there due to the tightening of entry rules.

We are at the final stage. We follow our goal as the travelers follow their guiding star. Of course, we face some difficulties on our way, but who does not? These obstacles make us even stronger, make us feel the preciousness of our idea. 

We know that you, our dear friends, wait a long time to have your SONR but sometimes it is better to wait a little longer and get the ideal product than get it faster but raw. 

So let us reveal some details on the SONR production

First, we developed 3D models of molds, with the help of which the first housings are now being produced in a special machine. By the way, we use high-quality ABS plastic in production. 

But here we had got a sad story on how we got an unsuccessful experience in ultrasonic welding cause how can we live without surprises?

Ultrasonic welding is an industrial process whereby high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to workpieces being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld. In our case, it is also necessary for waterproofness.

So we created a special mold and our engineers started the procedure from above. After that, we discovered that the button on  SONR case was damaged because of it.  

Our specialists spent 4 sleepless nights and drank 5 liters of coffee, fixing the situation. And everything needed to be done from the very beginning...

So our engineers found the way. Armed with efforts and hard work they did fix everything and the ultrasonic welding ended with success. Thanks to the ultrasonic welding SONR cases became durable what was proven with crash tests.

Drive atmosphere of crash tests can express the atmosphere of all of the startups. Sometimes the team feels the same hits but from the difficulties of the chosen ways - delays, the pandemic, the absence of needed components, hours of discussions, weeks of planning, months of developing, years of faith, moments of ups and downs. We all have been there and we all have been together. And we will because the courage of discovering brings us together.

There are just a few things left before we launch the serial production - light guide, covering, and some other small details. 

We are more than happy to share with you all these moments because it is a great joy for all the team to see the fruits of our labor and passion for innovation.

Thank you all for being supportive and understanding. We are going to conquer this high because SONR Inc keeps its promises.

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