TOP10 Best Gift Ideas for Swim Coaches

December 23, 2021

The holiday atmosphere, snowflakes, beautiful Christmas trees, and the gift shopping season is in full swing! Everyone is looking for the right and useful gift for their family members, colleagues, and friends. Those who are engaged in swimming, or take their kids to the pool, are wondering: "And what about the gift for a swim coach? How to show them my gratitude and express appreciation?"

In our article, you will find really necessary gifts that your swimming mentor will appreciate.

A swimming coach is a master of this craft, whose task is to teach you to swim and feel comfortable in the water. Thanks to this person, you learn to overcome the fear of water, achieve your goals, because swimming is not only an interesting sport but also a vital skill! A coach is a person who spends the whole day in the pool, paying attention to whole groups of different ages, or a particular swimmer. Therefore, the gift ideas that we have chosen should please your swim teacher.

TOP10 Best swim coach gifts

 Massage flip flops

The job of a coach is an active activity in which a person spends a lot of time on the feet. Therefore, at the end of the day, the coach may feel pain, fatigue, and heaviness in the legs. A universal gift for a trainer - Massage flip flops. Such a gift will be useful for both men and women. We can also recommend such a variety as flip flops with memory foam. Memory foam takes the shape of a foot, giving comfort. When buying flip flops, pay attention to models with an anti-slip surface. Safety and convenience are the main qualities of pool shoes.

 Electronic whistle

No training session is complete without a whistle. This is a very important piece of equipment for the coach. Blowing a whistle for a long time is not so easy, it can even provoke a headache. Take care of your coach, providing them with a modern electronic whistle. There are models from different brands, some of them are equipped with a convenient button that gives a signal with the movements of the hand. This increases the comfort of use and hygiene. Usually, such whistles have two modes, starting and training, but there are models with a special mode that ensure additional safety when training in the pool.


Working as a coach means moving around often, going on trips to competitions and training camps, and comfortableness is very much appreciated on the way. For this purpose, special multifunctional backpacks have been created, which can be carried both as a briefcase and as a backpack. These models are famous for their practicality, as they are roomy, and their sizes fit the permitted sizes of hand luggage in many airports.

Water bottle

To observe the correct drinking regime is the key to health! Who but athletes and their coaches know about the need to take a sip of water in time?! So a bright bottle will be a great gift. Choose bottles made of high-quality, eco-friendly, and health-friendly materials. The coating and relief of the bottle should be suitable so that it can be held even with wet hands and does not slip out. 

Cute keepsake

There is a large selection of original souvenirs that can please the coach - medals, cups, awards with special engravings, for example, "To the Best coach", or just warm words of sincere gratitude. This present will certainly become memorable and truly exclusive. Such an alternative can be a good gift for swim coaches.


A comfortable uniform for a coach is a T-shirt and shorts. A high-quality and stylish T-shirt will never be superfluous in the wardrobe of a person who cannot imagine his or her life without swimming. We recommend choosing T-shirts made of superior quality 100% cotton of a universal style, for example, oversize. You can also find T-shirts with various designs and prints or order a special personalized print just for your coach.


A stopwatch is a must-have for every coach, which helps to keep track of time and make calculations of the results of the athlete, as well as adjust the training plan, calculate the frequency of the stroke and monitor one of the most important factors - the speed of the swimmer. Stopwatches of different brands have various memory capacity, for example, Finis can store in memory from 100 to 300 of the latest indicators of the total time and the time for which the swimmer swims a lap. Some devices also have a function for automatically calculating the pace of strokes and displaying the air temperature in the pool.


Another necessary device for calculations in training is a metronome. When you take part in competitions, you are motivated by rivals, who are swimming on neighboring tracks, but how to be motivated on a personal workout and keep track of your pace? What will help to dispense the forces correctly at each stage of the swim? The soothing sound of the metronome, of course. These devices allow you to set the intensity and frequency of the stroke in advance. It will be much easier for the coach to watch your results during the distance. To achieve success, you need to keep track of every little thing, every movement can bring or delay your victory in the race.

Waterproof accessories

For those who adore swimming, all kinds of waterproof accessories will be an excellent present. You can gift, for example, a waterproof watch, or a waterproof MP3 player with a convenient touch control panel. Such presents are not cheap, so it is optimal to chip in with the whole group and present it as a swim team gift for the coach.

Real-time communicator

Have you ever thought about how hard it is for coaches to correct swimmers when they are in the water? They often have to shout. After training, the coaches have a sore throat, and their voices are hoarse. The latest high technology can easily solve this problem. Just give the coach swim coach communicator - SONR. SONR is an innovative real-time communication system. SONR solves many complex tasks. Correction of movements in real-time is the key to success because you realize that you have made the wrong movement right away. This raises the training process to a completely new level. The trainer can correct your movements without shouting and gestures, without waiting for you to swim a lap or finish the exercise. SONR receivers are unique devices that receive a signal even in the largest pool. SONR has a metronome function as well. The coach will be able to train the whole group at the same time! Isn't this the most perfect Christmas gift idea? The coach will be happy because your results will be brilliant, and their voice will be ringing and joyful.

Holidays time is a bright and kind time when it's worth thanking each other and just being together! We wish you happy holidays!

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