Why is swimming good for you?

June 10, 2021

A healthy lifestyle is ceasing to be "fashionable" and becoming a conscious phenomenon.

People tend to lead an active lifestyle, play sports, and spend time in the fresh air. You can meet people who run, ride bicycles in the summer, ski in the winter, and walk.

A sedentary lifestyle is the misery of a modern society. The majority of health problems are related to low mobility.

We will not reveal a secret if we say that any sport has a positive effect on the human body, on its organs and systems. Today we're talking about swimming. Why is swimming good for you?

Health benefits of swimming

Immune support

Swimming is good for your heart. It fights excess weight, slows down the aging process. Water exercises and aqua fitness are as efficient, as well as training on land. The difference is that there is less tension in the water because of a supporting effect, which allows you to train individual muscle groups.

Swimming is good for your body, especially the spine

Doctors recommend swimming for medical purposes. Trips to the pool are recommended for people who suffer from osteochondrosis, have defects in posture or curvature. And this is not the whole list of vertebral problems. The healing properties of swimming are based on the law of Archimedes. For example, the average person has seventy kilograms, but in the water, no more than three.  Almost zero gravity. Even if you do not swim, but simply stay in the water, even in this case, the spine is unloaded and the discs are straightened. For one hour, you can increase your height due to the spreading of the disks.  The pool is quite often prescribed to people suffering from an intervertebral hernia.

No arthrosis

Why is swimming good for 60-year-olds? All joints begin to move with high amplitude. You can restore your abilities and expand them by increasing the range of motion. With reduced joint mobility on land, you can restore the amplitude of movement in the water. It applies to people suffering from arthrosis and arthritis of the knee joints.

Fight against varicose veins

Many people suffer from tired legs syndrome, so this option of relieving tension is the most effective. Veins relax, and the blood circulation becomes better. As prevention of this disease, swimming is an excellent choice.

Enlargement of the lung volume

Why is swimming good for your lungs?

With age, a person's lung capacity decreases due to stagnation of the joints of the thoracic region, spine, and ribs. For example, in old age, it does not exceed one or two centimeters.

Here is a good swimming exercise: master the breathing technique - a slow deep breath and a sharp rapid exhalation. Due to the depth and frequency of respiratory movements, you can improve lung ventilation.

Normalization of the temperature balance

Water tends to cool the body and prevent it from overheating, sweating.

Balance of calmness and acceleration 

Why is swimming good for your heart?

Swimming has a positive effect on the heart, maintaining its tone and balance. Stress affects the heart, and swimming calms and gives a normal emotional state. Psychoemotional and muscular tension disappear - blood circulation and heart are stimulated.

Regular visits help strengthen the nervous system. The mood is bright, the processes of arousal and inhibition are normalized.

Goodbye, body fat!

Everyone loses weight in different ways: someone eats goji berries, weight loss products, and someone does fitness. Swimming perfectly burns fat. The temperature of the water in the pool should be 28°C. At low temperatures, the body begins to accumulate fat. Do not eat an hour before and within one hour after the pool. To acquire a beautiful body shape, change the swimming styles. Each style allows you to work out a separate part of the body: crawl  -chest muscles; breaststroke- hips and shin muscles; swimming on the - back; butterfly-abs, arms, and legs. Swimming in the pool with a crawl burns the maximum number of calories.

Sooner or later, every swimmer pays attention to speed and distance. To understand the progress, you need to monitor them and keep statistics of your training sessions.

Be healthy!

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