How to start swimming training and get into shape?

July 22, 2021

It is difficult to overestimate the beneficial effect of swimming on the human body. This sport helps to become healthy, agile, and hardy. It strengthens and develops all internal systems, contributes to harmonious development, improves muscle relief, normalizes weight

If you have decided that swimming is what you want as a workout for having a nice figure, then this article is for you. Here we reveal how to get into swimming for fitness.

Figure and appearance

When swimming, the skin is washed and cleaned of dust and sweat, which improves its condition.

Swimming requires significant energy costs, which improves the figure, strengthens the muscles, plus helps to get rid of excess fat. This is one of the most energy-intensive sports: 400-600 kilocalories are consumed in water per hour. Water "destroys" extra pounds. Efforts, strokes, overcoming resistance, maintaining balance in a horizontal position and other movements require physical effort, the work of large muscle groups. Therefore, swimmers are slim with good joint mobility.

Swimming activates the metabolism. People who strive for a proportionate figure, doing swimming will easily be able to achieve their goal. And for this, you will not need to be on a diet, limit yourself in nutrition, or, conversely, increase the usual menu.

How to start swimming as a workout

Your money investment in a subscription to visit the pool will pay off if you follow the recommendations.

There are few rules, the main thing is to follow them. To make the body beautiful, use the secrets and techniques that professionals advise. 

Two swimming styles bring the best results — crawl and butterfly. The maximum expenditure of calories is provided by swimming with a crawl. If you swim on your back, you can remove excess fat on the sides.  

Follow this swimming workout:

The basis of training is a regular change of swimming style, the alternating practice of relaxation, and intense loads. For example, you warm up for 15 minutes by swimming in a freestyle. Then you can lie on the water for 5 minutes, trying to completely relax the whole body.  Shift the loads several times. Complete the classes correctly — swim in a calm rhythm.

How to start swimming exercise

Beginners always wonder how much they should swim to get fit or how many laps should be included in swimming training. It is necessary to swim for more than 45 minutes per session, training 2 times a week, or preferably 3 times. Intensive training can cause a strong increase in muscle mass, this implies an increase in body weight.

We offer you this program for the first time swimming laps:

  1. Warm up for about 10 minutes, swimming in any style;
  2. You can spend 15 minutes on the main part- swim in full force for 30-40 seconds in freestyle or butterfly style; 10-15 seconds swim in slow breaststroke;
  3. Swim at the maximum speed for 30-40 seconds, rest for 10-15 seconds;
  4. Repeat 10 intervals (with the right approach, on the 5-7 lap you will feel that you are almost exhausted);
  5. At the end, calm swimming for 5 minutes.

Water fitness effectiveness

By doing aqua aerobics, you can quickly recover after childbirth, without danger and injuries. There is no overtraining from this type of sport. Classes are suitable for almost everyone. Training will help to speed up the metabolism and burn from 400 to 600 kcal. The same effect can be achieved if you jog for 3 hours. Water massage helps to prevent varicose veins. Usually, the muscles do not hurt after this activity, since lactic acid does not accumulate in them. This must be the way to get fit with swimming.

Master the exercises:

  • walking on the spot;
  • lunges;
  • jumps;
  • running on the bottom on the spot;
  • jumping on 1 or 2 legs;

Common mistakes

To achieve results, take into account the experience of others. Listen to our advice, and you will be able to avoid the typical faults of beginners.

  • If your training lasts 45 minutes, spend about 80% of the time with advantage.
  • Wait for at least 1.5 hours before eating.
  • For full muscle readiness, do a warm-up.  Slowly swim 500-600 m, enhancing your movements to reduce weight. Try to give your best. After the specified distance, you should feel tired. You can give preference to aqua aerobics or aqua yoga.
  • Swim in 26-28 degrees water. Cold water could provoke fat accumulation.

How much should you swim a day?

The above program combines quiet and fast phases, helping to work out musculature. Implement it 3 times a week.

First Day. Swim at an average pace of 30 mins without acceleration and stops. Beginners should begin from 5 mins, gradually raising the time.

Second day. Warm-up for 5-10 minutes, swim one lap with a fast crawl, back — calmly with a breaststroke. Watch your heartbeat, Normal frequency is  60%. Repeat the lap from 5 to 9 times. Finish the class with 1-2 calm laps.

Third Day. The same as on the second day.

How to get into shape for beginners?

The crawl forms an elastic press, forcing the oblique muscles of the upper torso to work.

12 weeks of regular classes for beginners (3 times weekly):

  1. 1st week –  200 meters each session.
  2. 2nd week – 300 meters each.
  3. 3rd and 4th weeks – 400 meters each.
  4. 5th – the first training of 400 meters, farther -500 meters.
  5. 6, 7, and 8th- 500 meters each session.
  6. 9 and 10th – increase the distance to 600 meters, after -  500 meters each.
  7. weeks 11 and 12 – at the first training session, the distance increases to 700 meters, at the next – it decreases to 500 meters.

Swimming in fins maximizes the load on the legs, and your waist and sides would become perfect. Water is a great lymph masseur, which gets you rid of cellulite. 

Use this method: Swim one pool with a crawl or breaststroke at the maximal speed, the next –quietly with a back crawl. This approach diversifies the training.

How long should you swim to get into shape?

It depends on many factors, but soon you will see the progress.

10 mins in the pool get rid of:

  • 50 kcal - swimming breaststroke.
  • 70 kcal- swimming back crawl.
  • 110 kcal-swimming front crawl.
  • 160 kcal - swimming butterfly.

Train regularly, interleave styles and loads. Correspond to the recommendations of the trainer, rules of a healthy diet, and drinking regime. The result of your efforts — the shape of your dreams.

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