Breaststroke: Overview and Swimming Technique step by step

June 15, 2022

Swimming is an amazing sport that inspires, restores, gives cheerfulness and energy, and gives the desire to win and conquer new heights. Any sport has its own questions regarding the technique that you need to master for your performance to be correct and fascinating. In swimming, the basic elements of technique are closely related to styles. And today, we will discuss breaststroke.

How to acclimate to cold water swimming

May 17, 2022

Many swimmers and athletes accustom themselves to swimming in cold water. This not only increases immunity and helps to lose weight but also strengthens the whole body, making you more resistant to various temperature regimes. Now winter swimming in cold water is gaining more and more popularity because people are trying to strengthen their health and find something extreme, add new sensations and emotions to their favorite sport, but it's not so easy to start, because swimming in cold water at first does not cause the most pleasant sensations. The body must get used to such a temperature difference. And will it get used to it at all? Yes, it is possible, and in this article, we will tell you how to acclimate to cold water for swimming in it.

Reasons to be a swimmer: 9 benefits of swimming

April 19, 2022

What is swimming good for? If you start wondering, here are just a few of the advantages - a slim, pumped-up body, a healthy back, and a circulatory system are just small advantages that swimmers get from their hobby. Swimming is good for your health, your appearance, and your inner condition. Just imagine what a pleasure it is to swim on the blue surface of the water, making powerful strokes with strong arms! If suddenly you lose motivation and start asking yourself the question why should I go swimming, read our article in which we will tell you about 9 awesome reasons to be a swimmer.

Best earplugs for swimming: ear protection for children and adults

March 2, 2022

Can't you imagine your life without swimming? This is familiar to many people because it is a great way to keep fit, relax or fulfill your dream of competing. But, sooner or later, the athletes face an unpleasant sensation when water gets into the ears. It is not just irritating, but it can also provoke disease progression such as otitis externa - more well known as swimmer's ear.

Best swimming mp3 players: top-rated waterproof mp3 players

January 26, 2022

It is a well-known fact that among all types of sports, swimming brings only advantages to body and mind. Water calms, giving the inspiration. And what else is a strong source of inspiration? Music. Music is melodic magic, an excellent art. Do you want to transform your swimming sessions into art therapy? Bring with you to the pool an mp3 player! Today, we will take a closer look at the best waterproof mp3 players, making reviews of the most popular models. Listening to music underwater is possible and convenient if choose the right swimming music player.

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